New Kitchen with Thermador induction - question?

krishoel001May 13, 2014

I have the Thermador 36" all glass induction cooktop (no stainless edge) in my new home under construction. I had expected the glass to sit flush to the granite countertop, but there is a foam gasket that is holding the glass about 1/4" above the granite, creating a perfect space for crumb catching. The installer has filled that gap with silicone -- a less than satisfactory look. The appliance showrooms showed this cooktop completely flush to the counter. The installation instructions also show the glass sitting directly on the counter, with clamps holding the cooktop in place. The cooktop arrived with a dense foam strip attached around the underside of the glass edge. This foam is too dense to be compressed by the clamps. One appliance showroom's installers say they always remove that foam strip so the glass sits flush to the counter. My installer claims that he always fills the gap with silicone. Anyone have this Thermadore 36" induction CIT365KBB cooktop installed?

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I have the 30" and it's only a bit above the counter. Check your installation instructions, It specifically states not to use any type of sealer to set the cooktop. There are exhaust fans along the edge of the cooktop, this is why it's not totally flush and probably why you aren't supposed to use silicone around it.

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