Please help... Self cleaning oven issue

shoutsilentlyMay 24, 2014

My sister and I were cleaning her apartment before she moves out. While we were running the self cleaning oven white stuff was coming out from inside the oven. I tried to wipe it off but it was die so I used cleaner and it took off the shiny finish. Or maybe just left a film. Is there any way to fix this? What happened? I'm freaking out because I don't want Tito effect her deposit.

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I'm not sure what white stuff was coming out? Do you mean the ashes at the bottom when the self cleaning cycle was over? Or smoke coming out of the oven during the cycle?

What was "die?" What cleaner did you use? An oven cleaner?

You generally aren't supposed to use cleaners on a self cleaning oven because they can damage the finish. Without knowing more, it sounds like that's what happened. You could always try wiping it down several tines with a clean rag and water to see if it is just a film that can be rinsed away. That won't hurt anything at any rate. But if the finish is damaged I don't think there's really anything you can do.

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I doesn't affect anything anyway. The oven will work fine, it's behind the door of a greasy, working firepit. There should be no reason for them to keep SD funds for something like that.

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If the finish is damaged, the self cleaning function won't work properly in the future. Every self cleaning oven manual I have ever seen is explicit about not using oven cleaners because they can damage the finish. If I were a landlord, I would keep the amount necessary to repair or replace the item, assuming it is damaged.

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All ovens are not that way. We have an old SC one that just says to keep any oven cleaners away from the electrical components if you use them. Grates lose their finish if left in but food still burns off of them.

What type of cleaner and did you wipe the whole interior down, ie is it all dull? What white stuff? Coming out the sides?? Maybe it was already broken. Old or new appliance? Was the white stuff ashes?

Check with the manufacturer.

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The dull Finnish was on the front not the inside. We didn't use any cleaners inside. I have no idea what the white stuff was. It started soon after we turned the self clean on. It was coming out from where the oven door shuts on the outside. I meant dry not die so I couldn't wipe it off.

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People can't help if you don't supply details. What kind of finish is the appliance and what did you use on it?

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It's a black oven. I don't know what cleaner she used. She cleaned the outside of the oven with it before the self clean and everything was fine. I didn't expect the outside of the oven to be effected.

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Some product residue might have affected it if the door gets hot, maybe kind of baked on. Try wiping it down with vinegar to see if it dissolves. Method All Purpose cleaner gets tough stuff off too.

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P.S. There is a Cleaning forum and an Appliance forum.

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