Blanco silgranite sink - performa cascade or precis cascade

cookingbuffMay 30, 2013

Trying to decide between the performa cascade or precis cascade. The precis is a bit smaller but both have the low divide. Anyone have any experience with either one of these sinks? I am thinking of the anthrocite and wondering how you like it-or anything else you can tell me about them. Thanks so much!

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Lots of posts in the forum on silgranit, try the search function and enjoy lots of feedback and pictures. Which one you prefer may depend on your cabinet size. I'm going to be making the same decision so please post when you've decided.

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We are going with the Performa Cascade. I like the size better than the Précis. Though I think the Précis is more modern/contemporary, but my wie thinks the opposite. There are not a lot of photos around to check out unfortunately; so once ours is installed I will be posting photos. Though our home is still being built so it'll be awhile.

Check your cabinet size to make sure what can fit. That may make the decision for you.

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As j_hack says, check out how the sink is going to fit, including whatever faucets you want and whatever width the countertop fabricator wants between the cutout and the front of the counter. I pulled my cabinets out 1.5" (and made counter 1.5" wider) to accommodate the Performa Cascade.

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Thanks so much for your input. I understand the precis just came out in March 2013, so I guess it's so new it has no reviews that I can find. My kitchen is traditional, and now, attofarad has me wondering if it's too contemporary. Any other thoughts?

If anyone has the low divide-do you like it?

Those of you with the performa cascade, do you find the 10inch depth too deep or just right?

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Here's a photo of the Performa Cascade (32 x 19.5 x 10 inches). I had to look it up to see what you meant by "low" divide. I am not sure what that low of a divide is useful for? Is it for prepping?

We have the Performa Equal Bowl (33x20x10inches). We chose this type sink because we do a lot of hand washing, especially of large pots and pans. The divide is higher so we keep one side filled with sudsy water to wash, but the divide is low enough that when washing/rinsing cookie sheets we are able to keep the entire thing inside the sink. I am 5'4" and I especially wanted a deep sink to fit my stock pots in. It works well for the deepest of them. We had to pull that sink cabinet forward to accommodate the size. Also helps significantly to have a pull out faucet to rinse larger items off with. We do have a separate prep sink in our island which is the Precis Large Bowl (20 3/4x18x10), so that's where my colander fits. I am thankful for the depth in both sinks. I did buy sink grids for both sinks, but I found out that I only use the one in my prep sink regularly to rinse fruit and veggies off with.

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Doonie you are correct. It is for prepping. Both models come with a colander that fits in the low divide portion perfectly. So when rinsing or after cutting the prep food can go directly in the colander and the water will drain off into the lower sink.

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Very interesting j_hack. That's a nice feature that I did not know about. So in my prep sink, I use the stainless sink grid in place of the colander. You actually end up with more room with the sink you are choosing. That low divider keeps your sink open on the drain side. Personally I would go with the larger sink. It's so nice to have plenty of room, especially if you have a keen chef in your home. I may have chosen to go your route as well, had I known about that nifty colander fit you are referring to. Sounds perfect to me!

Have you thought about getting a garbage disposal on your prep sink? I really like mine along with the air switch control in the counter top.

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I have the cascade divide - the original version - I don't store the basket in the sink but do use it episodically to clean veggies.
I have a great storage spot.
I would not want it any smaller than it is - I can put most items into it - but the 16 inch advantium trays don't lay flata in the sink.
It looks as great now as it did one year ago. If I had it to do over - I would have gone with a positive reveal instead of the negative reveal - but am happy with it. (Although I still ogle those beautiful copper farmhouse sinks - but realize that the way I cook - probably wouldn't work)
Another thing I would have done- bump out the wall and have the window go down to the counter and the counter top into the window.

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A2gemini and others that have the performa cascade--do you feel that the 10" depth on the left side of the bowl is too deep? I was thinking that with my granite it will be 11 1/2 inches deep. That seems a lot to me. In the precis cascade the deeper side would be almost 91/2 ". Thoughts?

A2-how come the16 " advantium trays don't fit? Your sink width is 19 1/2 " and the precis is 18 1/8, and I am considering the precis and I am getting the advantium. What to do, what to do??

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I have the blanco diamond super single. It is 9 1/2'' deep plus 3 cm for the countertop. The depth is fine for me at 5'6'' tall. I do have the sink grid which raises it about 1/2''. So you could consider getting one if the depth is too much.

BTW, did you go with Mullet?

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Corgimum--I did go with Mullet! The order is going in next week. Now I am struggling with the sink. I am vascillating between the farm sink and the silgranite performa cascade. Thought we made the decision and now we are back to thinking about a farm sink. I need to make the decision because the cabinet will be different.

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Here's a photo of how the Cascade looks, with a countertop which is about 27" wide.

If you use something like the sink setter, be careful not to tighten the screws that hold up the sink rim more than necessary. I was happily cranking away, until my granite fabricator pointed out that I was picking up the granite -- not a good idea, especially since my granite seam is at the center of that sink.

I haven't moved back in yet, so cannot give a good review.

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Cooking - they do fit but not totally flat - I didn't make that clear

If you are concerned about the depth - the grid that atto shows will bring it up somewhat - and note that atto has the positive reveal.(and atto - your kitchen is looking great - love your counter and BS!)

I am OK with the depth - DH is a bit taller and I think he finds it a bit more problematic - but he only rinses (to my chagrin) and pops into DW. I never rinse on my clean up days.

I feel the pain - I remember those days of trying to decide what to do and as all true GW - I am a total overthinker...

Good luck

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I just ordered the precis cascade from Quality Bath. I just didn't really like the shape of the Performa. I took the largest pot I have and put it in my current sink, measured the depth and width of my bowls, etc. I decided that the smaller version would work fine for me because I'm getting a bigger bowl than my 50/50 provides now and the depth will be about the same. Also, I considered the space below for the disposal. With the 10" deep, my disposal would sit almost to the bottom of the cabinet. My kitchen is so small; that storage below is very important to me.

I got my sink Saturday and dropped it at the fabricators. I didn't take any photos, but I did save the colander here. It's pretty shallow, but I think it will still be fine to rinse some grapes or dry a coffee mug, etc. I can measure it if you want. The usable space definitely seemed shallower than I expected because I didn't figure in that the top part of it is open (as opposed to mesh).

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I am just getting ready to order the Cascade sinks but still unsure of which one, Performa or Precis. I see some posts on here, and was wondering if those who have either might re-comment now on how they like either.
I am wondering if there is enough space to wash large sheet pans with either, and maybe how often the drain side is used.
I am switching from a large single basin is why I am debating.
Any thoughts/feedback?
Thanks in advance!

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I ordered BLANCO PRECIS Cascade, but now i am not sure i will keep it. First of all i don't like how shallow it is, and also there are no accessories yet, like cutting board etcâ¦

just looked at the dimensions of both, seems like the cascade is 2 inches wider and will not fit into my cabinet⦠:(

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