Anyone use this wiremold modular system?

rmiriamMay 14, 2013

I was just looking up wiremold for my under-cabinet plugs, and it seems like this company has a pretty cool system that can use the plug strip to power usb as well as hook up to their own LED under-cabinet lights. Has anyone used it? It seems so much simpler than wiring everything separately, but I'm sure there are drawbacks as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wiremold system

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rmiriam...I was considering it, but when I saw it in person it seemed too bulky for what I wanted. The undercabinet lights also seemed warmer than others that I have seen.

I think it is a really cool concept though.

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Yup, just installed. I love them. NOT CHEAP though. They are not too bulky for me but this depends entirely on how deep the recess is under your cabinet. The light fixtures cannot be seen without bending over, and at my eye level only the bottom edge of the plug mold can be seen. I'm overdue to post some pictures of my kitchen as it is finishing up. I've been waiting for some last touches before I crack the camera out again.
Regarding accessories, the USB charger is way overpriced as you can easily just plug in your own for half the price, I suppose making sure you can still plug a light in that spot would be the upside of theirs. I did get an Ipad holder, kind of cool. The lights are nice, they hum a little, but tolerable. I did LED throughout the kitchen so I don't have the imbalance of yellow halogen/tungsten mixing with 3000K white from LEDs. These LEDs are nice bright white, not the cool white from first gen LEDs.
But I would guess I spent over twice as much for these as I would have a xenon system and wall outlets. If retrofitting a space much simpler, but if new construction (where running wires and outlets is easy and cheap) then this is pricey.

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Will2kz I would love to see some pictures of it in a real kitchen. I think the display doesnt do it justice. It was hung above my eye level and under minaturized cabinets. They would have been better off showcasing it in their kitchen display area in a more real to life situation. Please share pictures :)

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