This kitchen layout may need help!! Need suggestions!!!

Kathi67May 8, 2013

Please give me suggestions on this kitchen layout!!!

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I would prefer to have the fridge next to the pantry (maybe a smaller pantry and a base cab on the other side of the fridge for landing space). Ovens near cooktop, with a tall, shallow cabinet facing dining area so that ovens are not right beside the entry. Another trash near main sink would also be functional imo.

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I agree with switching the ovens and fridge. That island is worthless where it is, and I don't know why architects put those ridiculous bends in them. You could put a long skinny island down the center that runs parallel to the range, however it would be a barrier between work zone and fridge. Keeping a sink on the island would help and make the island your primary prep zone. The only seating might be one stool at the dining room end. But, then, I'm one of those that never understood the need for seating in the kitchen when it is completely open to the dining area.

Always keep in mind the work flow direction - from fresh foods, to a water source for prep to a cooking zone.

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Take out oven wall so you just have an L and not a U. Put ovens at right side of sink wall, with pull out pantry (9 or 12") between ovens and wall.

Delete ridiculous bended island. Instead create new island facing fridge/range wall. Put prep sink in it. Turn cabinet at the bottom end of it to face cleanup sink for dish storage.

I would make the current sink window 3 windows so as to echo the DR windows across the way, and make them as large as possible while still being centered on the wall. As is, the scale of the one little window is kind of pathetic and jarring (sorry, no offense) when compared to the DR windows, and I think you will notice that in real life. I would also the windows down to the counter.

In this layout you could swap ovens and fridge, but I would only do so unless you access the fridge way, way less than the ovens while prepping/cooking a meal. The layout I described is basically my layout, and I much prefer the fridge closer to the cooktop, island, and perimeter (for snackers) of the kitchen.

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Thank you for all of your responses. Is there any way someone could sketch something up for me? I am a bit confused.

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It would help people a lot if you put up a sketch on graph paper that showed much more detailed measurements. It is hard to provide a workable plan with the limited measurements that tend to accompany a basic house plan. I know that is difficult when the space doesn't exist yet. Also, people are going to want to understand the flow of the space. Besides the rooms marked "study" and "dining" what is going on in the surrounding rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: New to Kitchens?

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