anyone else stressed about final outcome?

Holly- KayMay 2, 2013

I am wondering if anyone else has anticipation butterflies? We signed a contract in February. For months now I have agonized over almost every decision with the exception of my cabinet choice and my faucet. Now my final decisions are the vent hood (probably Zephyr), and the hardware. The hardware has been the worst thing and I finally have it narrowed down to two choices.

Each day when I think of what my finished kitchen will look like I get a mini panic attack. Even though I have chosen what I really like I am so concerned that it won't all pull together nicely. My biggest concern is my granite(Typhoon Bordeaux). I really like the slab that I chose but I an not swoony over it. I am worried that it won't be warm enough for the cabs and floors.

I have been fighting my tendency to want to go elegant but finally decided to embrace my love for crystal and pretty hardware, but holy cow what if it all looks like one big mess? It has been so difficult to decide as I can't have everything all together at one location to see how one item plays off the other.

Please tell me I am not loony tunes, and I'm not alone in feeling this way!

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Trust me, you are not alone!

I have almost every single thing for the new kitchen sitting here in boxes and I feel like that all the time! We went with a bright paint too. I haven't seen my granite in person since November when I paid half the cost.

I'm terrified my lighting will be all wrong. What if the hood looks too big? Was I completely off my rocker thinking a wall oven was a good idea for our small kitchen? Maybe there really isn't enough space for the fridge in the hall. Will the cabinets be too dark? Was cork flooring a stroke of genius or worst choice ever? Was I consistent in style or will things look disjointed?

I can't wait until things start being installed. I hope once I actually see it in progress it will help.

The last few things were like pulling teeth! It took over a week to figure out what switches I wanted. The LED dimmers are confusing. Plus I designed the lighting plan. I didn't know anything about lighting 6 months ago.

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I think you just expressed what all of us have either gone through, are going through, or are about to go through. I'm about 90% done, and I can tell you it only gets better as all the pieces fall into place. You may have a regret or two (usually related to a budget compromise or an unexpected construction problem) but we all went into this knowing that stuff can happen. As the stuff arrives and then, as it finally comes up, you'll have more anxiety attacks, and then, all will be right with the world.

(This last part is what I keep telling myself)

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Yup. I feel exactly the same way! I even dream about it!

And now I need to start researching lighting plans--any tips, williamsem? Lol!

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Buildinva, layers of light all on dimmers! Read through the advice threads on Lighting forum. Once I decided to use the Ecosmart LEDs and Maxlight UC LEDs it was easier to focus. Environmental Lights will send you a quote if you send in your floorplan, plus get a 10% off code if you sign up for the email newsletter. They were less than the 2 dimmable options at the local lighting place.

I'm also good for toilet research, cork flooring, and probably a few other things as well. I did way to much research to use just for one kitchen!

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Oh yeah. I'm driving myself insane right now. Tonight, we finally got our GC and our cabinet maker together...and the meeting lasted for 3 1/2 hours. Yeah.

We have an anticipated approximate date of completion of our cabinets for mid-July. Which means that I have WAY too much time to second guess. And third guess, and fourth...every.single.decision. *sigh*

And, it also means that I need to make some additional solid decisions PDQ. Yikes!

The granite has been at the fabricators and waiting for us since August. I'm *mostly* good on that decision, although I sometimes look at our little chip sample and think there's too much yellow undertone in it.

I think I'm solid on our choice of slab cabinetry. But, I keep thinking - maybe it should be walnut instead of cherry. Except, I love the grain of cherry and I always have, right? So, it should be cherry. Just dark. And with a minimal red tone.

Is my wall of cabinetry going to look modern (and hopefully sleek) the way I have it in renditions? Or is it going to look like a hot mess? Is the banquette going to be a good idea or should I have skipped it? Am I really going to be okay with 36" aisles? Is the island too narrow? Should I have tried to come up with some way to make it wider?

Is our transitional/contemporary/modern-ish cabinetry and kitchen going to look horribly, horribly wrong in our 1950's house (if it were a MCM, I wouldn't worry, but it's much more of a traditional.

Oh, I've got a list a mile long of what I'm worrying over. Most of all - this is the kitchen that I will likely live with forever (really!)...if I mess up on it, I'm so totally stuck. And I know that there will be things that no matter how much I've tried to think them through, I will wind up wishing that I would have done differently. I think I'll be okay with the things that I know I've made concessions's the things that I may not have anticipated wishing were different that worries me the most.

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We started our reno today and I haven't slept in 5 nights. I'm worrying about every single choice and finding it impossible to stay within budget. So I'm worried about my choices, don't know exactly what color I'm going to choose for the cabinets yet and now I'm thinking that maybe I'm going way too light. Worrying about the money and hoping it's worth it. Worrying about the decisions I haven't made yet.
They took down my Black Galaxy granite backsplash today and it was so exciting. The room seemed WAY bigger and I was happy; then the sun angled in and it was really bright and I thought it will be way brighter when I get my white cabinets in and my white backsplash......too much white???!!! We'll see.
I think it's normal to worry when your investing this much time, money and energy in a project. Hope we all love our results! Good luck!

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Yes, yes and yes! Our demo starts Monday and I don't know if I can make it until then. It's such a huge project, so much money, and I feel like if something is "wrong" I'll have to live with it for a long time or pay again to have it fixed.

Andreak100 said it - we signed our contract I think in Feb and that is waaay too long to second guess everything!

Hang in there, your kitchen will look fabulous! :)

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So far I've only had two actual freak outs. The day I signed the cabinet order I was nauseous and ill from the stress.

Then there was The Great Sink Freakout of April. In about 2 days I talked myself out of the Silgranite I'd been planning on for months and I now have an Orca in the garage. I worry less about the sink now, but that was not a budget friendly choice.

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DH and I are both completely in love with the quartz we chose, and have had a 12"x12" sample in the kitchen for months, but I worry that it won't be perfect with the cabinet color (even though we haven't chosen that yet.

I'm taking things slowly, picking out one thing at a time (and obsessing about that one thing until it's done). Now that I've chosen (and ordered) my sink, faucet, and range hood, I feel pretty good - though door pulls and flooring choices might make me crazy.

Hang in there - it will be wonderful!

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Holly- Kay

Thank you all! It does make me feel better to know that others worry as much as I do. I am in good company!

Cabinets were so easy, faucet (except for the finish) was a breeze, hardwood flooring was done in a jiffy as last year I found one that I loved but we hadn't bit the bullet yet. I did change the color from henna to chestnut as the henna was too red for my cabs.

Appliances were a nightmare. I actually spent two hours at the distributor after I decided on the make and model, just going back and forth between the black floating glass and the stainless. Spent weeks going from bfg right back to ss and then right back again. I went back to the distributor again and spent another 2 1/2 hours going back and forth. After weeks I finally decided on the ss. Then when I placed my order I changed from the Euro style handles to the pro style and upgraded the double convection oven in the blink of an eye. Uggggh.

I have spent most of a month looking at pulls and good grief, with all the thousands of pulls to choose from that perfect one just remains elusive!

Good luck to all of you who have weighed in on this! So glad to be able to share my concerns with fellow GW members.

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If you've done your research, and it sounds like you have, then those last minute changes shouldn't worry you to much. You made an informed choice, and often those gut reactions are very accurate. I went to see my cork color and decided on the spot to order. I didn't even take the sample home, though I had all my other samples with me. I also changed up my sink inside of 2 days after months of knowing what I wanted.

It is nice having people here that understand.

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Holly- Kay

Williamsem, I am having severe hood anxiety right now. I had quite a time convincing my kd that it was important to change the design from OTR Micro to an OTR vented hood. He finally agreed but my appliance distributor is recommending the Zephyr Gust that is only a 290 CFM. He feels that since I only will have a 30inch induction cooktop I don't need anything more powerful. I am stll not convinced but he seems very knowledgeable so I will go with his recommendation.

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Are you doing it for financial reasons?

290 CFM may be enough NOW but what if you change the cooktop?

OTH, you can replace the hood later as well.

Thanks for the post, good to know I have good company. LOL

I was pretty "cool" going into the remodel after spending several months researching and purchasing appliances (though I am still missing a second oven as well as faucets for the prep sink). The demo part was easy too.

But when installation started, I (almost) cried every night because I seriously hated everything done on that day. Lots of wine was needed to calm me down during that time, LOL.

Well, I pretty much love the result and I am sure you will too. :-)

Just keep all the supplies to make those margaritas...

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Holly- Kay

Eleena, no it isn't financial at all. I was planning on close to $1,000 for a hood. I doubt if I will ever change the cook top but honestly I think it is silly to go with the cheapest one.

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williamsem--you made me laugh out loud with one of the funniest sentences ever-- "I'm also good for toilet research..." hahaha! Anyway, thanks. I am just overwhelmed at the idea of creating a "lighting plan." Up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't even know such a thing existed! Have you posted yours anywhere? I'd love to see it!

It's soooooo comforting to know I'm not alone in all of this craziness! 99% of my friends have not gone through a major reno and so they don't understand. I love GW!

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So, glad that you posted this. I thought I was the only one. I've had so many second guessing moments. It doesn't help that my DH is so hands off with every decision. It's nice that I can choose what I like BUT then if it's a total mess, it's all on me!

I can't even believe how much time I've spent researching sinks, looking at different door profiles, agonizing over the granite, and the list goes on.

Now that things have begun on the kitchen, I feel better about my choices, mostly, b/c well, it's too late now! I also find myself waking up at 3am remembering that I need to make sure I tell the GC x, y, or z in the am.

This place has been awesome for support. I think I would have felt totally loony otherwise!

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Holly- Kay

RKB, I can't wait to see your gorgeous kitchen again! Good luck with the new granite, sink, etc.

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"99% of my friends have not gone through a major reno and so they don't understand."

So true!

When I start *whining* about it, they look at me like I am talking in a foreign language. But it is stressful that I need to vent. My DH is also hands-off and he complains that he has to spend more time with DD. It does not count that while he is on a playground with her (where I'd rather be), I am fighting with contractors and cleaning after them every day as well as shopping like crazy for stuff. :-(

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I can completely relate. A year ago I knew exactly what I wanted. Now that it's time to make choices for real I'm second guessing everything! I feel a little bit lunatic -ish!

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Holly-Kay, I have a 30 inch induction range too. Do not get the OTR MW, you were right! Here's what struck a chord with me while reading over on Appliances: yes, gas gives of vapor and both gas and electric send more heat up because the heat transfer is less efficient. But when cooking, the food puts off smoke and steam regardless of how it got hot. Does your pasta water put off less steam because it knows it's on induction? Plus if you sear, stir fry, or anything else with high heat 290 CFM will be barely adequate.

I am excited to see my hood in action. I decided about 500-600 CFM on high would suffice for us as a super powerful hood needing MUA is too much for this house. And like everything else I picked, it will be better than what we had. Getting a larger capacity hood will let you run it at a low setting for everyday use, so it will be quieter than a lower rated fan on high in many cases. I ended up with a Kobe Chx 191 series in 30 inch. It's well within your budget.decide what you want in a vent and then poke around on AJ Madison with their nice search functions. I looked at a ton of specs, then shopped prices.

There are a lot of threads on venting in Appliances if you want to read up.

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Buildinva, here's what we are aiming for. The recessed light housings went in today. The fan and all the wiring will happen Monday. Not sure when they will go live, still need to Sheetrock the ceiling.

I did decide to switch the two lights in the hall with the fridge seperate, so they will be on a switch near the light on the right (existing). The fan comes with a remote, and I have a remote that works the UC lights, they will be mounted near the fridge where the switches are indicated.

So far it looks like a lot of lights as it is going in. I'm hoping they look right when the walls go up and I an turn them on.

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So nice to know that others are going through the same thing! This kitchen reno is driving me insane. I worry about every decision. My current, very old kitchen is butt ugly and very inefficient. But that's not my fault. If my new kitchen doesn't turn out great it is my fault. And I'll have to live with it for a very long time.
Tonight I am slapping on different shades of white/whitish paint on my old doors trying to find that perfect shade that goes with my off white tile floor, but they all look wrong. More than once I have been in tears over this damn paint decision.
And of course we are already waaaay over budget.

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Holly- Kay

I agree williamsem that I need a vented hood. My kd really drug his feet on agreeing to it.I am going to call the appliance guy and tell him I want a more powerful unit. I hate the idea of putting the low end model in just to find out it isn't adequate.

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We are in the "make final choices and get the stuff installed" stage and I am second guessing EVERYTHING. This week is the tile. All of it every bath and the kitchen. See my current post...
It is a huge stress but mostly I am just worn down. I've had some health issues flare up and of course there is just no time for that!
This is huge, the camaraderie here - we're all going through this together and we get such great feedback from everyone. I don't post a lot unless I'm really stuck because usually someone else has beat me to the question.
The vent issues, the UCL-lighting issues, the PAINT!!!
Oh I so get it!
I'm painting right now and HATE the ceiling paint. Help me...

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Holly- Kay

PP we are indeed lucky to have this site to turn to! Hope all goes well for you!

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Wow this post could so easily have my name on it! I'm STILL stuck on my kitchen sink. Silgranit for its durability, good looks and ease of cleaning OR a gorgeous apron front copper sink. I have flipped back and forth so many times it's nuts.

Then I spend months researching something because DH says he doesn't care which I choose (from toilets to the appliances to knobs) only to say he doesn't like what I've chosen after seeing it for two minutes. WTH?

Every so often I loose it. Most recently last week, lost an entire morning to freaking out and crying. On the bright side tho I do sleep better for a couple of nights after that, stress and exhaustion will do that I guess :)

Can't wait until its done. I know it will be fantastic even with all this stress.

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Holly- Kay

Terri, I have second guessed my sink many times. I am getting the Kohler Whitehaven and since it is already ordered I can't change my mind but dang if I ever have to change it out I will have a Rachiele apron front to replace it!

If I don't soon decide on my hardware my DH will put me in the loony bin. Honestly I am so frustrated with this part of the search. I adore Colonial Bronze finishes and there are some stunning knobs but I want all pulls. The only pull I like in the Colonial line is only available in a 3" which will look too small on my cabs.

I just love the lighting I chose but I only ordered one light. DD asked why and I told her it is a lot easier to send one light back than it is to send three back. The internet pics can be so deceiving as many items look different IRL. As soon as I get the first light and accept it I will order the other pendant and the chandelier for the table.

I am still worried that when it is all put together it is going to be one big, hot mess!

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Yes, I too could have written this post! It is very difficult picking everything, knowing you will live with it forever (well, for us anyway!). I have second guessed and worried about every stinking choice! Hubby and I compromised on many things, a couple I really wouldn't back down on and a couple he wouldn't back down on (cabinet color me, counter me, floor and otr micro him). Even if those things weren't my choice, sometimes I have to let go and just go with it. Which is hard! Hahah

But, as things are going in, 95% has been perfect. I am ok with that.

And yes, many many sleepless nights and new worry lines! And pimples! Good grief!

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I'm so grateful for this forum!

One day I said "I can't wait to have the new kitchen, so I'll have (fil in the blank)". My 18-yr-old son said "I can't wait until we have the new kitchen, so I don't have to hear about it any more!"

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Annkh: I could substitute that for something my husband would say! Lol.

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Holly- Kay

Yes, DH is so tired of me spending every free moment searching the internet. We went out for dinner last weekend at our favorite spot. Great ambience and the food is superb. I spent the time waiting for our food on my iPad looking for pulls. I wasn't totally rude as I still carried a conversation with him.... well mostly conversation like "what do you think of this pull" or "i like this but it isn't available in a finish I like". So he will be breathing a big sigh of relief when it is finally a fait accompli. I will be glad so I can run my business without the constant distractions.

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Holly-kay: that sounds familiar. My DH just smiles and nods now, trying to seem interested. At least he tries, I guess. I never thought I had this much extra time between taking care of the kids and working.

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Well, maybe doing my kitchen remodel while 36 weeks pregnant isn't such a bad idea after all :) It's forcing me to make decisions and just stick with them because there literally is a deadline...I've got to get this thing finished by Memorial Day weekend. The biggest thing I'm worried about is that I won't like the granite when it comes in. I'm not good with colors so I'm hoping the style aspect of my kitchen works. I'm not too worried about the function. It's going to be so much better than my old kitchen! The last thing I need to decide on is the backsplash. But it's hard to pick that before the granite comes....and by the time the granite comes I'll be 38ish weeks pregnant and probably won't feel like shopping much for it. And there's no way I'll have time to look for it over the summer with the 4 older kids home from school and a newborn so I'm just going to have to look next week and hope something awesome turns up.

So far the kids are being good sports living in a crazy episode of Hoarders (that's what my living room and dining room look like right now) but this is only the end of week 1.

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And I'll add that part of the reason I feel confident about the function of my kitchen is because of how many hours I've spent researching everything on here! Thanks everyone!

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Holly- Kay

Happy days Pseudo! Oh how I love babies. I would trade my whole darn kitchen for another grandbaby to love on!

You are a brave lady indeed to take on such a huge project at this point in your pregnancy but I always felt great while I was pregnant and that nesting syndrome and burst of energy will come in handy!

Good luck to you and your wonderful family and enjoy your days with your little one!

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Latest comment I got. .... Now what are you going to obsess over now the kitchen is almost done. ( the family room decor of course)

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Gooster, my DH says that almost every day! He's so sick of me on the Internet, he wants his DW back. It's really all for him though as he does most of the cooking. I'm not doing this again any time soon, and I don't see the point, for us, for a bunch of mini renos along the way, so it's all in for this go around.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'll add my 2 cents. Absolutely stressed! And not about just the kitchen!! We purchased a real fixer with great bones built in 1987, and neglected the entire time.

Due to budget constraints we are keeping the ugly tiled bathrooms, shudder, but the house now has no kitchen cabinets or counters or faucets, and there is not one inside door anywhere, and the stair railing has been stripped, and there are no toilets, etc.

I'm very stressed! We are starting from ground zero, and DH and contractor are both making demands. DECIDE! NOW!

So I do, and then I have nightmares............


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Holly- Kay

Gooster the list of up and coming obsessions is long starting with replacing all the wood trim in our home with a wider version and painting it white instead of a stained finish. Then installing a new triple door in the breakfast area.

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Oh, yes!!! We are building and just made our selections......just today we went to the design center and had to downgrade to a level 1 granite from a level 3!! It was just getting so pricey, so we had to cut somewhere. So, of course now I am worried it won't look all pulled together! Hang in there, I'm sure it will all be beautiful and look forward to seeing pics!

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Holly- Kay

Good luck with your build Chloe.Some of my fondest memories are of my late husband and I building our first home together.

Don't be concerned with the downgrade to a level A granite. What is level A at one stone yard is often times something different at another. When we were searching for our granite most of the ones that I liked were either Exotics or a level A. Most of my first picks were level A and I didn't pick at all on price as our quote included a level D granite.

I can't wait to see pics of your lovely new home. Make lots of happy memories there and enjoy the process!

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