How do you guard counters against chipping when painting walls?

threeapplesMay 30, 2013

Our marble is going in and then the walls get their last coat of paint. I worry the edges of the counters will get chipped or the cabinetry will get damaged. How can we protect them? I don't want the painters standing on the counters.

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Cover them all with cardboard that entends over the edge.

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...and write on the cardboard: do not stand on counters to paint...and tell the painters not to stand on counters to paint...and watch the painters when they paint...

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Also make sure they're not wearing any tool belts, if you can. i had a guy working on the window over my kitchen sink while wearing a tool belt - got little gray scratches all over my counter and white sink. This was pre-reno so I got over it... but yours is new and fabulous!

Honestly with all you've been through, I'd be tempted to get a big roll of bubble wrap (try Office Depot or similar) and wrap it around all the edges. I know you don't want to tape anything to the counters, but you could tape it to the cardboard. I'd try to cover the cabinets somehow too, or remove all the doors (I know... a pain.)

And definitely speak with the GC and the painters - anyone who will be there - and explain your worries and expectations. Ask them "How can we make sure that nothing gets chipped, scratched, or otherwise damaged?"

Also if your floors are finished, you might want some cardboard on the floor, too.

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I had chux--the waterproof-on-one-side and absorbent-on-one-side things placed all over the marble counters in my parents' house. On top of the chux were multiple signs saying not to remove them.

They were, nevertheless, removed every single day for various reasons. Sometimes, it was because the painters needed to paint the area of the cabinets adjacent to the counters. The metal parts of the paint rollers (that they placed directly on the marble) ended up making some small scratches.

Moral of my story is to agree with the painters while they paint!!

Chicagoans tool belt/metal damaging marble advice is also great. Someone on this forum had a chunk of her marble hacked out by an errant tool belt.

A guest at a party had a metal belt on that scratched our white marble all along the 2 edges of the island.

My fabricator/cabinetmaker actually has custom belts made with no metal parts, and never wears a tool belt.

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in addition to the cardboard suggested i completely covered all counters and cabinetry in blankets and quilts and on top of that laid across wood. that way if a tool did fall the blankets would protect the marble and the wood would cushion the fall. i did this every time someone was doing work in my kitchen. it looked ridiculous but worked really well.

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Thanks to all of you. I agree that I probably can't be more careful here and need to bubble wrap the cabinetry and door casing before the counters are installed, leave them covered, and then do blankets and wood on the counters until all is done in the kitchen. Wish I did this in the master because someone careless ruined our vanity!

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Did they pay for the new one?

How's the remodeling going? I hope you post some pictures :)

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Be careful that the paint on your cabinetry has cured before you do this. Maybe okay, but I'm afraid it'll stick to and mar the finish otherwise. Weren't they recently painted with F&B?

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Was there any reason the last coat of paint was not done before the marble top and cabinets went in?

I would also worry about cabinets. Would they hand paint the wall or use sprayer, then they could put a fine mist of paint on everything.

Put it in writing as what to compensate you if they chip or damage the counter top and cabinets, such as to pay for a brand new one, or repair. Directly communicate your message to the foreman or contractor since some workers may be illiterate.

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I wondered the same thing azmom. We painted everything before cabinets and counters went in. Had there been any dings, we'd have just touched up the walls. But our project was completely diy, I'm not sure what the professional order of things is.

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The cabinet maker is coming Wednesday to see if be can repair the master vanity.

I put foam sheeting over much of the counters to guard against problems during the marble install tomorrow, but am very nervous the painters will ruin the marble or the cabinets with their ladders when the get up there to paint the walls. I don't see how this can work well

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