In defense of glass cooktops

needsometips08May 26, 2010

There has been talk about how glass cooktops are a PIA to deal with, I want to encourage anyone out there considering one.

I had coil before and I would only clean the drip pans under the coils about twice a year. They got so gross so fast that it just wasn't worth it. Nothing under the sun would make them shining silver again anyway so why try. Oh how I hated those coils and that ridiculous baked on ugly mess. EW.

Now with the glass cooktop, part of the after-dinner clean-up ritual is bringing out the ceramic cleaner and razor blade and making it look just like new again. I love it. There is something so gratifying about the work of your hands producting instant sparkling results. To think that all that mess just STAYED there before is pretty icky.

So for anyone wanting ceramic, but afraid of the hassle, I assure you it's wonderful. It only takes a few minutes - and such satisfying results!

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I loved mine!! So easy to keep clean.

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I'm glad you're happy with yours. I loved our ceramic top range we had in our last house...and we never used a razor blade. We found Barkeeper's Friend and the blue (non-scratch) scrubby backed sponge to do a great job. We had coils again in the mobile home we lived in while we built, and I quickly remembered what a pain those were!! And, even though gas has other advantages, the ceramic top was certainly easier to clean than my gas rangetop. ;-)

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Agreed! I saw a comment recently from someone who preferred the coils to the glass top, but I really disliked mine and never gave it the effort needed to clean it with all the pans and underneath them, and when I did, it was scarcely rewarded with a clean stove.

I will say that my new top is harder to keep looking clean than my previous glass top. That one was gray and black flecked and it took a long time to show anything. This new one is black with a reddish tone, no textured color, just smooth, and it shows much more. It doesn't look as good when I clean it either, so it must have some different finish on it. Nonetheless, I'll take it any day over coils!

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Hi Needsometips,
I too remember those horrid coils. I used to cover mine with
aluminum foil. Sometimes the foil would catch on fire.
Oh they were nasty.

I agree 100% if you have only glass. My mother has glass
and I love helping to clean her kitchen. It is fast easy
and clean to perfection.

I have glass on gas. Yes, someone at Bosch thought this
would be a great invention. And I will say cleaning the
glass is easy it is the edges of the gas burner that is
a bummer. In fact I was told by the electrician that I need
to be sure to turn on the burner after using the glass
White Cream Weismann cleaner because that stuff can clog
the gas fixture.

At the time I was shopping I never even thought about the
hassel of taking off the grates, using the weismann cleaner
and polishing it and then putting the grates back on to
turn on the burners so they don't clog. : )
Sometimes I think I should have just gotten the glass only
like you did.

Wow, I sound like a lazy lounge lizard.

The grates are super easy to clean for those who are thinking
about grates. I put mine in the DW.

Overall Glass or Glass on Gas is still far easier to clean
than those nasty coils. And just Glass induction has got
to be the best way to clean.
Next time I will be wiser.

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I love my ceramic cooktop with touch controls. So easy to clean and it has a nice simmer burner. I don't need high BTUs so it's perfect for my needs.

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Oh good. I didnt give much thought to my cooktop, as I didn't cook much. So it is one of the first things I ordered without paying much attention to, many moons ago. It isn't installed yet, but pretty sure it is some sort of glass or ceramic.

But I have been cooking every day in my new kitchen, even though it isn't finished yet. And even though I don't really miss the cooktop, I know it will be nice to have it installed and working and I will be using it more often than what I had initially thought. I think just a couple more weeks maybe :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Home Page

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I think boxerpups just hit that nail on the head.

Cleaning the glass, disassembling the gas burner assemblies and the grates is annoying!

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I can't imagine gas in combination with the glass, nor can I imagine dealing with any that are just black glass. Ours was electric, and had the speckles, which I know hid a lot of minor things, especially fingerprints and smears...So for those considering ceramic tops, I highly recommend some sort of speckles or texture pattern!

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Ditto to all the above. I have solid black top and it does show a lot more than the speckled top. Even so, it's not that hard to clean. If you don't have gas in your neighborhood, it's the only available choice.

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I also love my black smooth top range with digital controls. We are messy cooks in our household and not always the most immediate cleaners. A quick wipe-down cleans up most messes and smooth top cleaner + razor blade leaves it sparkling and perfect. So much easier to clean than my old coil stove. The thing I hated most about coil stoves was what happened when a pot of water (especially pasta water) boiled over. I would have to remove all of the coils, lift the top, clean, then close then clean the rest of the stove. Now if my water boils over, it's a quick wipe up. I also love that mine heats up much faster than the old coil stove. If you want electric (or can only afford electric), smooth top is definitely the way to go.

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I've had glass top stoves for over 20 years, and never thought they were worse to keep clean than a coil top. Right now I do own a coil cooktop (in summer kitchen) but that is so I can Can without any issues.

I now have an induction glass cooktop, and keeping this baby clean is a real easy job. Cleaning my cooktop is now a total non-issue. Just a quick wipe and it's clean.

With the coil cooktop, I don't bother cleaning the drip pans. When they get really bad I replace them. I spent 11 years in apartments with coil burners. Once I had a say in the matter, the coil stoves were gone.

With regular electric glass top, with some elbow grease and cleaner, I could keep the tops looking like new, and I'm a sloppy cook. DH left the cleaning to me, he considered it too much work. Mine would get pretty grundy between cleanings but always cleaned up perfect. All mine (have owned four over the years) had the speckled top so the yuck didn't show as much between cleanings, but it was there.

With induction, the cooktop is wiped after each use and stays looking nice all the time. It's a black top, but since it's wiped after each use (and I mean wiped, not scrubbed) it stays looking clean.

I never considered my regular glass top stove "difficult" to keep clean until I got the induction. But that is just because cleaning up an induction cooktop makes everything else seem like a lot of work.


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I'm ditto on the induction glass. It's just like cleaning the counters. SUPER easy.

I did go from a coil to a glass top and straight back to a coil because I felt like the glass top didn't provide consistent heat. That was 8? years ago now though so that may no longer apply.

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We love our glass cooktop!!! I also love my husband, who cleans it up with the Ceramabryte and razor whenever I make the messier meals.

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And I love my husband because he COOKS!!! (every single meal -- I am so lucky. I can't even figure out how to turn on the darn thing (induction), so literally can't even boil water.) But I clean it every night, and it's not too bad (he's a pretty messy cook). The Ceramabrite wipes are my favorite, finished with a micro-fiber cloth rub. I save the liquid Ceramabrite for the messier nights. My only complaint is that when we have company, guests sit at the island, not too far from the cooktop, and under the lights of the hood you can really see every food particle but it's not really possible to clean while he's cooking AND guests are sitting there. That situation just calls for more wine!

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My old glass cooktop was a breeze to care for. Easy to clean and I NEVER had the troubles with scratching that some folks seem to have with their cast iron pots and pans.

It's only drawback, and a fatal one at that, was that it was a total PITA to cook on. Slow to heat up, slow to cool down, and always a guessing game as to the correct setting required to heat or maintain any potful. I was soooooo happy to ditch it in favour of gas.

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I've never cooked on gas so I haven't been ruined for electric yet. Hopefully by the time I am ready for a new stove, I will go straight to induction.

I have a solid black one also and I think that's why I always have a razor blade out when cleaning. There just isn't enough elbow grease to do the job on straight black. And I find it's a must to have the cleaner ON the cooktop while scraping with the blade. Another thing I've found is that I like the Ceramabrite better than Weismans. A trial size Ceramibrite came with the stove so evidently the manufacturer (GE) recommends it too.

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I grew up with gas, and really disliked it. When we did our current kitchen over, I went with a 36" white ceramic cooktop with bridge, and love it. It looks fantastic.
I use Barkeepers Friend, and a razor. But the very best tip I think is to soak a towel with water and place it on the cooktop about an hour before you plan to clean the kitchen. It cleans up perfectly.
When I go to my moms and help her clean, I really don't look forward to cleaning her gas range. Even though it's a new model, it's upkeep is more work than I care to do. But, like everything else, we all have our preferences.

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