How do you fit all this around the sink?

kksmamaMay 27, 2013

I really want a soap dispenser, regular faucet, and filtered water RO faucet at my pretty new (probably silgranit) island sink. But I don't want to have extra holes in my gorgeous (as yet unchosen) slab. I've never had an undermount sink before and would love a clean, uncluttered look. I'd like soap, the regular faucet, and an airswitch for the garbage disposal at the cleanup sink. Actually I'd like garbage disposals at both sinks, because the island sink is where I'll do washing and preparing of food, and the cleanup sink is dh's station after meals. If we find some way to fit all that mess under the counters (perhaps by having the filtration remotely plumbed) how will we fit everything we need at the sinks? Please share pictures?

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What's filtered water about? Are you going to have ice /water through your 'fridge? If so, I'm thinking it'd be repetative to have it at the sink too.

Could that save a hole?

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I can't figure out how to link from my iPad, but you can find my kitchen reveal. I have a faucet, a hot/cold filtration faucet, an air switch and a soap dispenser. My sink is 30". It all fits just fine.

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I have a faucet, soap dispenser (in this pic the soap dispenser at the cleanup sink goes where you see the air gap), and GD air switch at both my sinks. I also wanted a clean look so I choose a filter on the cold water line under my cleanup sink to avoid yet another countertop eyesore. Everything fits fine, although it was a bit of a tight squeeze at my 17.5" prep sink with my Tapmaster line. (The Tapmaster is engaged in the photo below so the prep sink faucet looks wonky here.)

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MrsPete, my KA 42" fridge doesn't have a water dispenser but the icemaker line is filtered. Breezygirl and Nycbluedevil, I love your kitchens! It makes me feel much better to see that you fit stuff in without ruining the elegant look. Breezy, are you enjoying the tapmaster? Are you happy with your sink size?

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You can get a faucet that includes a filtered water option. The treated water uses the same spout as untreated water. Moen makes one as does Franke and Perrin and Rowe (available from Rohl). The Franke and Perrin faucets use the Triflow filtration system from England, bhe Moen model is a proprietary system.

This would reduce the clutter around your sink.

As for a soap dispenser, the most invisible way of keeping soap handy and "around" you sink is to store the bottle in an nearby cabinet. If you want it at your sink, you will need another counter top hole

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We have our regular faucet, soap dispenser and RO water tap (we use the RO water for all cooking, drinking etc so we have one at each sink).

As long as all the faucets coordinate, I think it looks fine.

(Please excuse the in progress picture - I need to put finished pictures up as its been a year LOL)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen sink

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I don't have a garbage disposal, but I have dish soap dispenser,, faucet, and filtered water tap. My sink is bumped out slightly to allow extra space. I Ike this set up.

If I was redoing, I would put the filtered water on my prep sink, closer to fridge and stove.

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Saw50st8, I really like your faucets and soap dispenser, can you share details? Do you have one RO unit supplying water to more than one sink? Dilly, I think we will need filtered water at both sinks, one will be near the stove for cooking and the other more convenient to get drinks, make coffee, etc.
Thank you all for sharing your set ups and ideas!

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Here is a link to my pinterest board - the items are all there.

We put the RO system in the basement and then ran tubing. We have two sinks and the fridge and they each have a water line. Once a year we have to change the filters.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen on Pinterest

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Yes, I am enjoying my Tapmaster very much. It's become more than second nature to me. It operates perfectly every time, and not having to use my grungy hands to turn on the faucet makes me happy! In fact, I often stand at my cleanup sink with my hands under the faucet whilst kicking the toe kick wondering why the water isn't coming on.

As to sink sizes, I'm thrilled with my silgranit Precis super single. The size is awesome for cleaning all of my large items. Even my fridge's wide produce drawer fits flat in the sink for washing. My silgranit prep sink is barely big enough, but is fine most days. If Blanco offered a sink in between this one and the next size up, I would have done that instead. It was a compromise to save enough counter space for my prep zone. I definitely wouldn't go smaller than 17.5" though.

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Very helpful, saw50st8, thank you and congratuations on your beautiful renovation!

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Thank you, Breezygirl (and thanks for the margarita recipies on another thread, also...I don't have to wait for inspections to start practicing fact, pefecting those could take time so I should begin right away!). Why not put tapmaster on both sinks? Is it weird for guests to learn to use it?

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