Cleaning Opinions: Black or Stainless cooktop

wear_your_babyMay 26, 2010

I want a gas range and we're installing stainless appliances. I'm having a hard time deciding between black or stainless under the gas grates. It seems different models/brands do it different ways. My largest concern is re. the cleaning. Is one or the other going to be easier/more difficult to clean? Any experiences? I'd really appreciate your input because I know I'll hate it if I'm constantly stressing over messes.

I need gas because I do a lot of canning and the canners are too heavy for smoothtop. I loved the easy cleaning of smoothtop!!

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If cleaning is your primary concern, I've found that my Kitchenaid gas cooktop with sealed burners and smooth black glass is almost as easy to clean as a smooth top. You have to pick up the grates that obviously aren't on the electric, but otherwise the same to clean.

The downside is the sealed burner gas cooktop takes forever to boil a stockpot of water because most of the heat goes sideways instead of up to the pan. Simmering is a joke and almost everything boils over. I recently started using a portable induction unit and have stopped using the gas cooktop unless I need more than one pan.

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I think the stainless (which I have) is probably slightly harder to clean, but the finish will never scratch off. My SIL has a black cooktop and it has marks from cleaning.

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One great thing about stainless is that you can see where to clean. :) Would you rather hide the dirt? Glossy black can be streaky--my old Dacor had to be polished to look good.

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My current range, which is on a run just to the right of a window, has a black cooktop. Although it's "easy" to clean, every speck of dust shows up on it when the sun shines through that window in the afternoon. My next range will definitely not have a black top (or, I will have enough money to move the gas line when my time comes to redo the kitchen! :)

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Most of the stoves I liked had the stainless top. I talked to some about scratching, not so much the cleaning per se. Was told it will scratch-no getting around that. Store models had lots of scratches I didn't like that and knew it would bother me so I got a gas stove, stainless, but with a black cooktop under the grates. Had it for few months and it is very easy to clean and keep streak free. I use a warm, wet micro fiber cloth and then a dry one to finish off the cleaning of the top. I clean the cooktop every night-takes 5 minutes or less.

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When we chose our gas cooktop, easy clean-up was one of our priorities. I'd heard that the glass top (black) was a bear to keep looking nice, and since we'd had a ceramic black electric cooktop previously that took a good amount of attention, we chose the Dakor gas cooktop. It has a beaded stainless deck that doesn't scratch and that isn't as shiny as regular stainless. So far, it's pretty easy to keep clean. It has a matte finish that doesn't show dust, watermarks, et.

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I have a Wolf rangetop with black porcelain enamel on the burner pan. It is very easy to clean so far. I've only had it for two months but I have cooked up a storm since it was installed. I just spend a few minutes every evening after dinner cleaning it with Dawn and hot water. I wipe it dry and it looks great. When I was shopping I was very leery of stainless steel under the burners because I'd seen some rangetops with it that were discolored. I am very happy with the black porcelain enamel.

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I have a gas range with black shiny stovetop (Maytag).... any splash of anything or even steam makes it look dirty. I can't just wipe it clean, as it looks streaky. I have to clean, then wipe down with Pledge... drives me bananas. Inherited it from previous owners. Would buy stainless for next one, even if the actually cleaning it off is a bit harder, at least it won't look dirty 10 seconds after I clean it!!

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Pepperidge farm, I may have the same range you have--Maytag Gemini? I love how the two grates are removable, but I get so tired of seeing every single splatter on that black surface. Almost every night I need to fill my sink (thank goodness we got a 30" single sink!) and put the two black grates in there, wash them, and then make sure the surface of the range is cleaned and streak-free. It's a hassle. Love the range, hate how I have to clean it.

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donnakay2009- I have to tell you, we inherited the range from the previous owners, and it looked fab, was thrilled I was getting a nice late model range... then... I will tell you my huge pet peeves with this thing:
the darn broiler will not turn on unless the top oven is completely heated up- why? why can't I just brown the top of something? I actually thought it was broken, and was about to call Maytag, when I stumbled on the explanation. Sigh.

also, the darn larger burner is next to the regular burners, rather than next to the simmer burner. so when I am trying to use my very large saute pan and boil a large pot of water, they can't fit... but had the burners been the other way around...

And of course there is the cleaning.

I don't know. I have been tempted to replace it, but that is not happening. Where I live, we have to have propane (no natural gas) or electric, so I am actually just so very grateful that I do have a gas range.

When it is in use, it does work very nicely, and I an pleased with the actual cooking and the oven/ even baking. I am a huge baker and it does a very nice job for me, and my roasts, especially at holiday time, always come out perfect, absolutely perfect, and it's not even convection.

Back to the OP, Still would choose stainless.

Actually- GE makes a really nice line where you can even choose stainless, black, duel fuel, convection, single or double oven.... a very affordable piece with any bell or whistle combination you may want!

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I've had white, stainless and black stoves. I currently have black. If ease of cleaning is important I vote WHITE. You don't notice the grease splatters on white while they are very conspicuous on black and stainless. I only cleaned my stove once a week when I had white but now with my black I have to do it everytime we fry something on the stove. White isn't the most popular at the moment but I will be going back to it next time.

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I just purchased a Frigidaire/Gallery series range, stainless steel, with a black cooktop. I am having a very difficult time keeping the black cooktop free of streaks and dust! I had a bone color cooktop previously, went with the black top this time as I liked the updated look. I love everything about this new oven except the black cooktop...any cleaning suggestions?

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Microfiber cloths are great! One wet to clean and then a dry one to dry it! Leaves a nice polished look!

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I have a stainless (15 months now) and find it easy to clean (Kenmore) also do not have any issues with it being slow to boil or not simmering well as someone mentioned above. I don't noticed problems with smears & smudges etc (although I am after clean not pristine), I clean with dish soap and a sponge -- even baked on spills clean easily with a little baking soda. But, one does have to be careful with the utensils because the surface does scratch, just like a SS sink will. I only have one little one so far but I confess that I got a little tear in my eye when the perfection was spoiled!

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I am in the market for gas range and similar confusion as you are in. I have horrible experience with black and white. White is a nightmare. Want to go thru few more sites and read the opinion and planning to buy during spring break

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wear your baby,

Which one did you buy? and how it is?

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