wwyd? white silgranite ii or stainless in marble countertop?

SparklingWaterMay 8, 2013

Well, it's fast approaching with Demo starting Monday.

I am considering the Blanco Precis Cascade in white granite or the Franke Oceana in high grade SS.

I have a lovely slab of honed blanco venatino set aside. I see benefits in both sinks for a 33" sink cabinet: the Franke is deeper, suits our cooking style more (single bowl all the way), is good quality. The Silgranite Precis Cascade has a small riser on the right, over which you can lay your sheets for washing. I am concerned a bit about breaks/cracks in Silgranite as well as the Precis Cascade being so shallow (71/2" plus right side 5 1/2" plus one inch for undermount). If it cracks, it's an immediate problem with the counter. Blanco's Silgranite white is a bit bright too.

On the sink side is a stainless 36" pro range and accompanying canopy hood. The DW is paneled. Across the room is a stainless 36" pro refrigerator.

Any other non-fire clay nor apron sinks to consider in white? We like a single bowl sink, around 27" long by 18" wide.

Thank you very much for your help/input.

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Hi Sparkling.

I think you know that I am an enormous fan of silgranit. I have two sinks in the metallic gray color; one as a prep sink in my black walnut counter and one as a cleanup sink in my 4cm Carrara perimeter counter.

My marble looks like this.

I'm also a staunch hater of stainless. The water marks...the tinny sound...the scratches...I shudder. Given your choice, I'd choose the silgranit without question. My cleanup sink is an undermounted Precis super single. I do feel it's a tad too deep sometimes. I'd be fine with it a little shallower, and would compromise with the low divide if the other option was stainless.

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For once I disagree with breezy! (Sorry, breezy!!!) I Love ss. I love how it is such a solid workhorse in the kitchen. I love the patina it develops over time, the ease of cleaning, and the timelessness of the material. I also love that it coordinates perfectly with my range & fridge and has a modern aesthetic.

Sorry, no pictures yet, I'm in construction right now! But honestly pictures of breezys gorgeous kitchen are almost enough to make me come over to the dark side and try silgranit. Almost. ;-)

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If you are going with classic marble, why don't you take a look at Kohler's class white cast iron sinks? They are timeless, virtually indestructible, and IMO are a better match to a real stone than a composite sink.

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Thank you for feed back. I am a bit torn over this, as I'm a tad tired of our stainless sink. Our frameless base is 33", so 3/4" sides brings the actual allowance to 31 1/2". I am going to call Sink Setter today for their width, and if possible insert such from below if width still works. I should have said I read many threads here on just this matter btw.

Breezy, your kitchen and suggestion of the metallic grey of course came to mind. I have the Blanco sample, brought it to the actual slab-its blanco venatino with nice grey veining- and it actually looked better than the white Blanco sample. I've got that on my mind and may re-visit the shop with my paint board, blanco cinder and the mg.

BuildinVA-Stainless is such a work horse and has done us well for decades. I'm amazed at good stainless properties and doubt it will ever go out of style in a kitchen, especially the sinks. The Oceania is perfect size and shape. I hope your remodel is going well. O/T, which under cabinet light brand did you choose? Still struggling with this.

needinfo1-I like the look of fireclay, but am concerned about their weight and build out from cabinet sides for support? I should look to see if Kohler makes a classic white cast iron in 27" width (we have that now, it's fine) which with 31.5" of cabinet frame minus 27" sink, would leave 4.5" or 2.25" of wood each side for support? Is that enough do you think.

I'm visiting Fergusons again so will look more at these and faucets.

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Not the best pic, but I have granite that is more white than not. Certainly not marble, but I have the silgranit metallic gray and I think it would look great with any white and gray marble. Perhaps seeing a few will help you make a decision.

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Thanks for that Momto3kiddos. Your white granite and silgranit metallic gray sink look great together! Very nice.

One thing I like about the metallic gray is it kind of disappears into the counter top surface. It's there but not obtrusive. I like that. Sinks and faucets are such work horses-just want to make as thought out a decision as I can.

I think Blanco hit a winner with the metallic grey color in general. All the others are either too dark and the white is just chalky white to me: doesn't blend as a white.

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I chose the Silgranit cascade sink after seeing breezy's pictures. I love it. I have had porcelain over steel, clay and stainless. Silgranit is the sink for me, in metallic gray under mount in Mountain White Danby marble. Thanks for all those who have gone before and shared their kitchen adventures.

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Mom and Tulip--Gorgeous!! You've captured the color of the metallic silver better than I have, Tulip, although mine is lighter in color than your photo.

Buildinva--I beg to differ with you. Silgranit IS a workhorse in my kitchen. No patina necessary. No scratches. Quiet. Very easy to clean. (In fact, I have to tell myself to scrub the cleanup sink as it always looks clean.) Handles large sheet pans, stock pots, and saute pans with nary a mark. I pour boiling hot pasta water and chilly ice baths down the drain with impunity. Marinara, turmeric, chili...nothing stains my metallic gray. The only characteristic it doesn't have from your list is "timeless", although granite itself has been around for eternity. I'll take ease of use without scratching, a horrible tinny sound, water spots, and having to wipe down my sink after use any day over "timeless". My kitchen works hard for me, and I love it. YMMO(obviously)V. :)

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Took my returned from college daughter out to see the slab today. Yeah, she liked it!

SIlgranit II in metallic gray was her favorite without any input. I too noticed it works truly well with the stone. So will order up the Blanco Precis Cascade sink, and the bracketed side mounted Sink Setter.

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I'm glad you were able to make a decision, whatever the outcome! That's one step closer to a completed, new kitchen.

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