What does the inside of your shaker style door look like?

dermnpMay 24, 2013

I know an odd question but we had(have) a problem with our cabinets. While in delivery three weeks ago, a picture of the doors were sent to our KD and they had made the wrong doors. It was the correct shaker style but they put a raised panel on it, so they were sent back. We just got them back and I swear they just flipped the panel. There are raised panels on the inside now, KD says that is how they usually are in the inside but I don't recall the sample being like that. To me it is like sending your pizza back that wasn't supposed to have meat on it and they take the meat off and send it back to you and not make a new one as would be expected. Would love to hear your input. Thanks!

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The inside of my shaker doors looks just like the front, only the panel is about half as recessed (shallow).

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Mine are reversed raised panel shaker--what you described. I think they are more solid in feeling and construction than plain shaker. You've got a good thing!

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Seeing the inside of Breezy's door, and as long as the outside is what you want, I don't think it matters. I've had my new doors for over a year and I had to go look to tell you what the inside looked like. As long as it's well made and the front looks good, I would be happy.

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That's how the Shakers would've made them.

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Like Breezy's mine are raised on the inside.

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You guys are the best!!! Totally put my mind at ease. We have had so many issues, I just didn't know what to think. One less thing to obsess about...thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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To further put you at ease--this is a good thing! Ours don't have this (we had the option but it was more expensive so we chose to save money by not doing the raised panel) and the doors are definitely not as sturdy in feel as the original Shaker doors in our home, which are old school all wood doors that have the raised panels on the inside. I often wish we'd paid the extra to have them in the kitchen too (not that there's anything wrong with doing it the other way; it's just a much lighter-weight feel to the door).

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