White Shaker cabinets on order -- chamfered corners???

JoyzKitchenMay 14, 2013

Hi Everyone,
I am just starting my kitchen reno. I have ordered white shaker style cabinets with a dark stained island. My contractor is insisting that I should have chamfered corners on my cabinets. I originally told him that I didn't want them but he is saying that it is a high-end look and he orders them for his kitchens. He said it gives a more custom look and is better for wear and tear. Do any of you have chamfered corners on your cabinets? I would love to see pics especially if you have a white shaker style kitchen. I am going to have some contemporary elements and my initial impression was that they would make the cabinets look more ornate/traditional. Please help me decide. Thank you

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2LittleFishies has one of the prettiest kitchens on GW. Well, anywhere, IMO. Her cabs are gorgeous and have chamfered corners. Does it read even slightly contemporary? Not to my eye.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2LittleFishies kitchen reveal

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The modern kitchen aesthetic is square edges and corners. Chamfered is fine and very pretty. Nice for provincial or traditional kitchens like the one linked. Contractors often like to imagine themselves designers, and many are decent with design details. My concern would be a cabinet co set up to do one thing when you want something else.

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The contractor is correct that 90ð square edges receive more wear and tear than those that are slighly beveled. And because that's considered normal wear and tear and not a manufacturing defect, no cabinet company will replace those dinged doors down the line. You need to be OK with that fact, or you need to be a "light user" to fully embrace 90ð edges on wear surfaces. There are a lot of edge profiles for cabinets besides straight 90ð and a 1/8" bevel though. You might want to explore other options to be sure that you are getting something that both fits your design aesthetic and that you can also live with in a practical way.

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I like the clean lines of a shaker door and did not choose chamfered. (no photos as my cabinets are not built yet). I feel like it's one of those decisions that you can't really go wrong with but for that reason I decided to stick with my gut feeling that I like the clean straight lines better. In my last kitchen I had a slight variation on it and while it was really pretty and the kitchen looked great, I always felt annoyed that I let myself get talked into or sidetracked into getting something slightly different than I had originally wanted.

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Thank you for all of the input. I love 2littlefishes kitchen and I really appreciate all of the close up photos.

Thank you lafacia. I agree with you. I don't think I will ever regret the straight corners but there is a chance that I might regret the chamfered corners.

We aren't heavy kitchen users (2 adults living with a teenage son) so I don't think we will bang them up.

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You know, I think some stuff gets exaggerated. I would expect the majority of kitchens have 90 degree doors and corners and the one thing I've rarely seen any complaint about is that. My cabinets are going on 10 and the doors and corners are wearing really well. And they're painted, and supposedly delicate. And inset which is supposed to create cracks -- and maybe I'm lucky but there is just none of that stuff.

The sole area of wear on the edge of a cabinet is on the trash pullout and that's even very slight. The handle on my DW panel is feeling a little soft lately and there might be a time ahead where I need to remove the panel and tighten the screw. A couple of cabinet knobs have needed that.

I can see hinges as an issue but not what this contractor is raising in terms of significant wear on corners.

Get what you want and love, not what he thinks you should have because someone else has it.

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