Design Around #20: In the Market for a new kitchen

palimpsestMay 15, 2012

**DO NOT POST DESIGNS IN THIS THREAD** In a week or so a thread will be started in which you can post design(s).

For this challenge, find a house that you like in the real estate listings. It can be a house that needs an updated kitchen or has a kitchen that, in your opinion, is wildly unsuitable for the house.

Design a new kitchen for the house. You do not have to be a purist, but you should be able to support putting a kitchen of your design into that particular house. It might be fun to then take one of the houses that someone else has posted and do your own design for that house as well.

Here is an example

This is a Historically Certified house(meaning the facade was appropriately restored)from the Federal Period. It's not a particularly fancy house and the house has probably not been touched since it was restored in the 1970s or so.

The kitchen appears that it could be in the English basement facing the back of the house, or in a small ell at the back of the house. This is the entire kitchen, and it is utilitarian by today's standards.

Here are a couple of other pictures from the listing:

You could design a kitchen for this house based upon several ideas: the kitchen could be "federal style" in terms of cabinetry and decor and move to a more important place in the house such as the dining room; the kitchen could be a compatible "traditional" style and stay where it is; or you could do a completely contemporary/utility kitchen, keeping it where it is. It's up to you.

You should try to have at least a picture of the exterior of the house or a interior shot that displays enough of a style that we can understand what you are basing your idea on...or perhaps what you are rejecting... in your new design.

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I just wanted to bump this.

I've found all sorts of interesting things poking around the MLS database. For instance, the house across the street from me is for sale. Sadly, the listing did not include a kitchen photo to work with, so I will have to choose something else.

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