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JonifMay 18, 2013

I have installed white kitchen cabinets and just had a tan/brown granite countertop installed. I have med/dark wood color plank floor. I dont know what kind of back splash would look good. I thought of a white subway tile not sure what color of epoxy grout.But I am so open to any suggestions at this point. Please help!!!!!

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With white cabinets and a brown counter, you need a color to transition between the two, I would look at beige or dark cream tile colors.
I would match the grout to the color of the tile. Some like to have a grout that matches the counter. In your case it would be a brown. I don't think a brown grout would look good in this case, though.

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What about a white tile with a strip of color like Petra (a sometimes poster on this board) did. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: petra's kitchen

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How about white subway and a darker grout (brownish/grey, greige)?

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Jonif, what does the rest of the room look like? Does the kitchen open up into the family room? Are you looking for a neutral backsplash or something to bring color into your kitchen? What colors give you joy?

Need more info!

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Do you have a close up of the granite? It looks black on my monitor.

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msrose! Did you ever finish your backsplash? Did I miss the reveal?

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just finished up the tan/brown granite counter top. And the kitchen has a small countertop dividing the dining or eating area. The counter top does look black at night, but it is tan/bronze with little bit of silver flakes in it. My kitchen is not real big. I dont know if i should go with a light beige back splash that would match some of the color in the granite,or go with white subway and use a creamy grout.

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