Boxerpups honed jet mist/VA mist?

stephctMay 31, 2011

Hi Boxerpups-

I've been doing some searches and figured out that you have honed jet mist countertops. I was wondering what the maintenance is like? Does it need to be sealed?

Are you happy with yours? And finally, do you have any pictures you could share?

Thanks so much!


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Hi Stephanie,

Super easy to care for. I love my countertop. I would seal
it once a year but no more than that. I have had butcher
block, laminate, tile, quartz and hands down this is the
easiest to care for. Seriously, I love my granite.
Sealing is as easy as spraying a counter, but you wait
for awhile to let the water soak, spray again wait a bit
and wipe off. Done. And this is only once a year.

Here are a few photos I have not taken recent ones, these
are probably the same ones you saw before.

The ones below here are no longer my kitchen but definitely
beautiful Virginia Jet Mist Granite.

Jax1723's from gardenweb Granite Hones Jet Mist

Jeanteach's VJM granite

This is Jax1723's granite from GW. Notice how it is not
black but more of a graphite color. I love that she
provided this images for all of us to see.

Dees from GW Honed Jet MIst

JeanTeach enhanced her granite and wanted us to see how
it looks.


Google image

Google image

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I have it and love it. We have three kids and a crazy counter-surfing dog, and nothing....I've posted my kitchen a billion times, but here's a link to the album.

Here is a link that might be useful: pics

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THANK YOU!!! Thank you SO much! I love it. Those pictures are so helpful. Histo-your house is gorgeous and what a beautiful kitchen! Thank you!

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I also have honed jet mist granite and I love it! I haven't sealed it in the 2.5 years I've had it and it's just fine. The carerra island I put in is another story altogether!!

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Fullpass...oh no! I'm planning to put jet mist on my island where my cooktop is and where I do most of my (messy!) prep...but I'm planning on white marble on my perimeter!

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