Melamine vs Maple Veneer Interior

bosmaMay 11, 2013

I am ok with particle board boxes, but am wondering about the melamine interior. Is it cheap or yucky feeling/looking? The plywood boxes have a maple veneer interior, but since I'm ok with particle board boxes I'm not sure I want to incur the expense for the plywood box which I would need to purchase in order to get the maple veneer interior.
Thanks for any insights!

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I just did maple melamine and it is gorgeous! Plus, most plywood boxes are 1/2" and my boxes are 3/4" and sturdier.

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Depends on taste and how deep your pockets are. We decided to save the money and not upgrade to plywood sides. We put that money towards other features in the kitchen.

If you do the particle board sides, do make sure that any outer exposed side of the cabinets are either plywood or a wood veneered panel applied over the particle board side. It ruins the look, IMO, to have simulated wood visible on the outside of a cabinet when the rest of the cabinet exterior is real finished wood.

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I think Melamine should be fine.

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So glad to hear that suzy 770! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks gpraceman, I'll keep that in mind.

OK, dckitrem.

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