Designing a large island for the Kohler Stages 45?

olivesmomMay 10, 2013

I'm working with a stock plan and I'm trying to figure out exactly what changes I will be requesting. I know the kitchen layout and size will change, I'm just haven't quite figured out the specifics.

Here's the floorplan:

And here are a few photos of the completed kitchen:

For sure I want a different island and will be ditching the colums. Even though two level islands are not popular here, I would like to keep that aspect as I like how it blocks the view from the dining room and can be used to serve from. I won't be using the island for seating. I would keep the island in the same location, serving as a barrier and a buffet.

I saw this island on Houzz and fell in love.

It is 6.5' x 10.5' I don't think I'd want mine quite as wide though.

I'd like to do something similar, but with a kohler stages 45 sink. I figure with the stages I can use it for both prep and clean up, so I won't need a second prep sink. I'm pretty sure I'd have a small beverage sink to the right of the island next to the refrigerator, so there would still be an additional sink for drinks or handwashing.

So if the kohler stages is 45" + 24" on either side for additional space + 20" each upper level side = 11' 1" Width I'm not sure, the sink is 18.5" wide, so maybe 24" lower level + 20" for upper = 3" 8". What do you think of those measurements? Is there enough room on either side of the sink? Is 20" for the upper level too much?

And then, is an 11 foot long island crazy? I would have the dishwashers in the island. Maybe the range to the left and baking center behind. Or vice versa? The aisle to the right will have the refrigerator and bar area as well as the entrance to the mudroom/laundry/garage.

As drawn, the plan has the width of the kitchen at 17' 10". How much wider would it need to be to accommodate an 11 foot island? If I add 11' for the island + 42" on each side for aisles + 26" on each side for cabinets that's around 22' 4". Does that sound right?

The kitchen is drawn as 13" 7" in length. Not sure I would need it so long. Maybe more like 10". The refigerator wall would need to be 60" for the all fridge/ all freezer and then maybe 60" or so for the counter in between. As far as the island goes, 10' in length would leave roughly 4' in between in the rear wall of cabinets (baking center? Or range?) and the island.

So a kitchen that is 10' x 22'? The 22' part scares me.I'm not trying to have a huge monster kitchen, but I want it to work for me. Which means, keeping the mess contained from the dining/living spaces and having a large prep area.

Am I doing this all backwards? I don't need every detail pinned down just yet, but I do need an idea as to the size of the kitchen.

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One quick thought I had is flip the laundry and pantry. Then also make access to the laundry from the master bedroom. You could have 2 doors into the laundry... no??

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remodelfla: the whole laundry/ pantry area will be reconfigured. I was planning on having a large mudroom/laundry/ pantry type of space inbetween the kitchen and garage area. And If I move the master bath to the interior wall I could have an doorway connecting the master closet to laundry which would be great for one of my most detested chores, lol.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

How do you feel about turning the island into a peninsula? You would add the width of the aisle (42"?), and have the corner for elbow room. The blind corner could be accessed from the DR side.

The island in your inspiration pic is gorgeous, but except for a visual barrier, seating, and/or serving, it seems like a lot of wasted counter space--upper level is too high for comfortable prepping, chopping, etc. You don't want seating--how often would you use it for serving? I admit--it would be wonderful for parties!

Personally, I'd try to get the fridge on the wall where the stove is drawn, put the stove on the outside wall, where venting would be easier, and have the alcove where the fridge is drawn, as pantry, wall ovens, small counter for extra sink, and snack station. That would give you a U-shape kitchen--the door from garage and hallway could be moved closer to the bottom wall to eke out a little more space.

Edited to remove extra word.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Just had another thought (which always happens as soon as I hit submit). My peninsula idea is based on the assumption that the most-used entry is from the garage--the pantries and fridge would be in a good location.

If traffic is coming from the backyard/deck, the peninsula will be a barrier. A small under-counter fridge could be put in the blind corner space, to hold drinks and condiments for the convenience of the BBQ crowd, as well as those in the DR.

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mama goose: I do like the peninsula idea. It would allow the kitchen to stay somewhat smaller and possibly allow for a better work zone. It would be a barrier when grilling, but I dont think it would be that big of a deal. I do like the idea of a raised counter to obscure the kitchen mess, not sure how a two level peninsula would look?

Also, I'm not sure how a peninsula might change the feel of things. Previously I really wanted both a formal dining room with a fairly closed off kitchen and a small nook (possibly just a banquette). Unable to find a plan with all of that, I moved in to this plan. And while it just has one eating space (which i like for efficiency- why devote two spaces in the house to eating?) it still has a formal dining room feel vs and eat in kitchen. I'm worried that a peninsula might make it more like and eat in kitchen, which I desperately want to avoid. The large island was kind of symmetrical to the dining room, which seemed more formal or something.

I'll have to ponder the peninsula vs island some more.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

houzz has some pictures (linked below), including this lovely example, which I think I posted for someone else recently--it looks very familiar.

Traditional Kitchen by Denver Design-build Classic Homeworks

You could continue the upper level around the exposed corner, much like your island inspiration, to block the view of the sink from the LR. The counter overhang could be shortened to just a ledge. Also, the arch creates another separation between the rooms, possibly preserving the feeling of a formal DR.

Here is a link that might be useful: houzz/two-tiered peninsulae ;)

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