Absolute Black Honed Granite- seal or not?

BrittanyMay 13, 2013

After reading several threads, I'm more confused than ever. I had decided on AB honed before I read all the threads talking about the difficulty of maintaining it. Can someone that likes theirs tell me a definitive answer on if I should have it sealed (if so, with what type of sealer), use a color enhancer, or neither and keep it natural. Thanks for any opinions!

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Sophie Wheeler

Don't seal, but be prepared to see every spec of dust and all of the fingerprints that it will show. It's like a mirror.

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AB is very hard, one of the hardest granites. Conventional wisdom is that it's not necessary to seal. I have 13 feet of it it honed in the mud room. I wouldn't make the choice again but I don't regret it. The issue is that it shows fingerprints, grease marks and dust. The first are more of an issue in a kitchen. I would not personally use it again around a sink. I get some white spots around my laundry sink. That said, it cleans up fairly easily. It's just not especially low maintenance.

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I used honed absolute black (sealed) in my old kitchen and absolutely hated it. Water marks, smudges, grease, everything showed up and I was constantly wiping it down. It just never looked clean. Sorry. Wouldn't recommend it.

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Well I've already purchased it. Just looking for how to minimize problems.

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I have twice seen honed AB in showrooms and each time, I leaned my hand down on it hard. When I took my hand away, I could see a hand print, but it disappeared right away. If I were home and had to reach for a cloth to wipe it, it would have been gone by time I took a step. Is that it? Or do other people's fingerprint linger longer?

I will confess that at HD, I took the tiniest smidge of hand lotion and rubbed it on the counter and that made a mark that didn't dissipate right away. Clearly it, and probably any other oil/grease based mark, would need to actually be cleaned off. But isn't that going to be true of anything that's honed, very dark and with little to no movement?

What am I missing?

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We did the Jet Mist in the "Leathered" finish and sealed it... absolutely love it. Doesn't show hand/finger prints and easy to clean

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