Recommend a hood over 30" induction range?

ChatsworthMay 15, 2013

The house we're buying has a 30" electric range (which will be replaced by a 30" induction range) and above that, a microwave/fan combo (fan is vented to the outside through the roof).

I've learned here that those micro/fan units are pretty much useless, especially for people like us who hate having cooking smells all over the house. We don't fry or cook any meat other than roasted chicken (we're semi-veg, LOL). Mainly boiling and light sauteeing and a LOT of baking.

I know I'll have to get the ductwork changed out for something that can accomodate a REAL range hood, and from all I've read here, it seems as though 600CFM is what I should be looking at. There is a window in the kitchen and so makeup air wouldn't be an issue.

I haven't shopped for a hood for 15 years which is when we bought the Vent-a-Hood island hood in our current house. VERY noisy and to be honest I'm not all that impressed with its performance either.

Any recommendations as to what we should be looking at for a range hood? The budget is NOT unlimited but I don't want Costco-quality either....


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Holly- Kay

My appliance salesman recommended XO as having a wonderful reputation in ventilation. I will have a 30 inch induction also and my model is the xot30s. The other one that I was considering was the power typhoon by Zephyr and that also had a good reputation.

I wanted 600CFM and baffle filters and this XO hood meets the criteria. It is a pro style hood. Good luck with choosing the right one for you!

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Where I live, a window isn't an option for make up air according to code. You may want to check into that. I ended up with a 350 CFM Broan under cabinet because of make up air concerns. Certainly not the best thing on the market and I would have loved something prettier and more powerful, but it fits my needs and does an acceptable job.

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I have a Kobe chx191 series 30 inch hood waiting to go in, hopefully by the end of next week. Also going over a 30 in induction range. Baffles, LED lights, 22 inches deep, about 630 (?) CFM if I remember right, and very quiet on low. I'm very excited to get a real hood!

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What I've read here a number of times is first that for a 30" cooktop, you want a 36" hood. Second, that the rule of thumb for figuring out how much CFM you need over induction is 100 CFM for every foot of induction cooktop. That would mean that strictly speaking, you only need 250 CFM

FWIW, I'm getting a 30" cooktop and I've picked out a 400 CFM 36" Zephyr AK7136ASBF with baffle filters. Of course, it's still just an item in my AJ Madison shopping cart, so I can't tell you for sure that it's a good choice. But according to the wisdom of GW, it's an excellent brand, the right width and more than sufficient CFM, so I'm reasonably confident.

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Mine, over 30" induction cooktop, is a 36" Kobe in the CH191 series. It has max 720CFM, although the long run and multiple turns in my duct means the effective CFM is less. I usually run it on the second lowest setting anyway. It's quiet and easy to clean, and the corners are curved so no one can impale his head by accident. Mine has halogen bulbs, but I understand that they come with LED now. I thought had pretty good prices, although others have found even better deals on other sites. I think I read that there is a more affordable Kobe-made hood sold at Costco. Maybe the Brilla?

Marcia's right - it's better to have 36" hood over 30" stove. But if you aren't changing the cabs and you're replacing a 30" MW, I don't know that you can avoid having 30" hood. Not the end of the world. Still much better than OTR MW.

There are more discussions of hoods over on the Appliances forum. Try googling "gardenweb hood recommendation" or something similar.

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We have a Kobe 30" inch hood over our 30 inch Bosch induction cooktop and it works pretty well. Had a Broan before that did nothing.

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