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ms222May 13, 2014

Hey all,

I would like some backsplash recommendations for my kitchen setup. At first I was thinking of blue mosaic glass, but I think I would get tired of it. Second, I was thinking of a mosaic pearl/shell reflective backsplash but it may be too beige/creamy.
I was also thinking of a mosaic marble, but I heard often times it yellows with grout. Any advice?

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My personal choice would be blue mosaic glass. DH veto'd. So if I were you, I'd definitely go for that! :) But you are open to so many possibilities, it'd be hard to go wrong.

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Color: I'd use a color that matches the floor.

Type: I'd probably look at a mosaic. For some reason that seems more appropriate than a rectangular tile.

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Nope, you want a grey with blue tones. This is Ann Sacks Idris in grey chine and threeOh2 used in in her beautiful kitchen. Even though your kitchen is far more modern, this tile gives you color, contrast, texture and scale that would be beautiful in your space.

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I would use a light very pale grey tile and a white tile to make a pattern that matches the zig zag of the pillow on the sofa. I would repeat that zigzag the entire backsplash and all the way to the ceiling behind the stove.
it's a huge slap of pattern, but keeping the grey very light, the contrast between grey and white is more subtle, less aggressive. I also think that
Keeping it within existing colors and pattern, unifies, making it feel less cluttered. Which allows you to insert color elsewhere, in items that can easily change as your tastes do.
If this were my room, and after I zigzagged that back wall. I would consider where I could introduce one other color without disrupting clean good design.
My choice color? Dullish sunwashed barn red

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Here is the countertop so you can get a better idea of the color and pattern.

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Anyone else have an opinion?

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I was thinking of possibly going with this....thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: Backsplash

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I'm with EAM44 on the color, or i'd match the floor. Don't do the glass mosaic. I say do something sleek and simple. Don't do the zigzag as it is too current and will trend out of fashion in a year or two IMO. I do not like fine grained counters with fine textured mosaics. Too similar in texture usually for my taste. Your counters are beautiful. Don't detract from them with something fussy like the mosaic you show. I think that mosaic would look good with a solid colored counter only.

Do you like your light brownish floor with your gray paint? I think it looks very nice. It reads as a brown and blue (or green) combo. Does the floor tile coordinate well with your granite? If it does I think i'd put the same tile on the wall as on the floor. I'd even try the same size, maybe even the same pattern, or set straight up or a little change up. You may want to change out the paint color in the future, but the tile and granite will be staying for quite a while, correct?

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I retract my suggestion of matching the floor color and agree with EAM44's suggestion of that Ann Sack's tile.

It would be gorgeous both close-up and from a distance, especially given your living room wall color.

EAM44 if I ever need a backsplash decision please still be here :-).

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I love EAM44's tile choice. Classic

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Thanks guys for all of your thoughts, I made my final choice today, Jeffrey Court Polar Cap, it doesn't look like what you see online, in person its much nicer. I brought a few grayish backsplashes home and it was just too dark for the space.

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Ms, I'm glad you found something you love.

Enduring, pitterpatter, thanks. MareLuce, thanks, and I promise. And if I do go on walkabout, just email me :).

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Here's my vote. A very softly tinted grey glass subway tile. The grey will melt with the walls while not being too dark, and the glass subway aesthetic goes well with your clean, contemporary look. You'd have to get samples to make sure on the right grey, though. Pictures are not accurate enough.

The subway rectangular shapes will echo the rectangular proportions of your cabinet doors and island top, and the grey will resonate with both the walls and stainless, but leave the stone to be the star.

And I'd take it all the way up the wall behind that chimney hood.

Here is a link that might be useful: My vote

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I think that will look very pretty. Be sure to post an after picture. Your kitchen is so nice and quiet I think this will be a nice textural complement.

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Thank you I believe it will turn out nice and I will post an after picture. I will be running it vertically instead of horizontal And up to the ceiling where the range hood is

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ms222- love the polar cap! someone else on GW did a jeffery court bs too and it came out gorgeous! it wasn't polar cap though.

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