Food spilled inside glass oven door

mayfirstMay 16, 2012

Help! I have a white KitchenAid range which has a glass sheet in front of the door. It appears to be clipped on. Recently a pot boiled over and some of the liquid spilled inside this glass front. It's NOT inside the small oven window which I look through to see what's inside the oven. I hope I am making myself clear. The manual does not tell me how to remove this sheet of glass to clean it. It's driving me nuts! Can someone help?


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I first found gardenweb 4 years ago when searching for this very thing! Ah, this brings back memories. :-)

Check out the post linked below, and search for the post where the woman says her husband is the bomb. Well he definitely IS the bomb because that cleaning tip worked for me too. Depending on the type of oven you have it may be even easier, e.g. if you have a whirlpool. You'll see what I mean when you read the post. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning oven door between glass

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Google for "clean inside oven door " and you should find something useful. Some kitchenaid ovens let you just unclip the glass easily enough, but you need to find info for your particular model number about how to release it.

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This morning I spilled coffee with cream in between the glass of my oven door when warming the coffee in the microwave. The unit is a microwave oven/confection oven combination in the wall. It looked hideous!!! So I started researching how to clean on the web. I couldn't use 'the bomb method' described on this post because the slits in the top and bottom were not big enough. Desperate -- I decided to try to remove the oven door which was described in my appliance manual. Success!! At the bottom of the door were two clips attached with a single screw each. I removed the clips which provided access to the inner glass. The glass didn't come all the way off, just lifted around 10" allowing plenty of room to remove the mess. I was so excited I decided to clean the door to my stand alone range as well. By the way -- I'm a 56 year old female accountant who is not mechanically inclined.

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Today, as IâÂÂm cleaning my stove top and oven, I again got frustrated with the way the oven door windows look and decided to Google âÂÂHow do I clean between the oven door windows?â I found back on 11-05-2006, Katbrauer posted how her hubby "THE BOMB" came up with the idea of cleaning between the oven glass windows. Per her instructions, I was able to pull the oven door off my 6 year old Maytag oven & laid the door down. Low & behold I could look right up into the oven door from the bottom and had access to both oven door windows. I didnâÂÂt have a long handle bottle brush (as she suggested) but I have a yard stick slim enough to get up in between the panels of glass. I grabbed a pair of long white socks. One sock I slipped on the yard stick, soaked it with Windex on both sides, & hanging on to the top of the sock I was able to slip it in between the windows & began to wash the inside of the oven windows. I took the 2nd sock to wipe it dry. It did leave some lint behind but a lint free towel on the end of the yard stick took care of that. WOW ��" I couldnâÂÂt believe it actually worked. On the outside, at the top of my oven door behind the oven door handle, are vents that face upward towards the stove where anything can spill down in between the glass windows. MY QUESTION: Why canâÂÂt the designers of ovens point those vents downward so we donâÂÂt have the mess and an extra chore of having to clean in between the windows? Thank you Katbrauer and hubby âÂÂTHE BOMBâ ��" it works!!!!!!!

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