Help on Alaska white/delicatus ! Should I get this slab

superls78May 6, 2013

Hi everyone ! This is my first post here but I have found so much helpful info on this website !

I need to decide on my granite countertop soon (like today/tomorrow) ! I have white cabinets and white (with a little bit of grey) tile floor and I really like the delicatus (or Alaska white) granite. I went to pick out my slab last Friday, but the stoneyard does not have stock right now. My fabricator went shopping for me Sat. and sent me this picture of the Alaska white slab. If I want this, I can get them installed this Friday, if not, I will have to go to Chicago again (2+hrs drive) and pick my own. My fabricator said it's really beautiful piece, while it seems to have too much black for me. I personally like the ones with less black and more white (this slab seems too busy for me), but also think this slab might work well with the white cabinets ? Really need your advice here !! Should I go with this or I should go pick again ? It might sound silly but I am not sure I can take more days off during the week ( stoneyards close at 12pm Sat., not enough time). I am planning to move to my new house next week so was hoping I can get the countertop installed Friday and applicances installed on Sat.. But if I have to wait, I can wait I guess. Do you think this slab will go well with what I am describing or it will be too busy ? I will need 3 slabs for my kitchen. Thanks so much in advance !!

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Holly- Kay

Oh my I think it is lovely and would look gorgeous with white cabinets. With that being said I honestly think that you could be unhappy with it. You really sound unconvinced. It is wonderful that your fabricator went shopping for you but if you really want to go lighter a 2 or 3 week delay will be minor compared to the many years you will have to live with something you don't love.

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Personally I like it.

However, you need to love it. If it doesn't move you, then it isn't for you. Don't settle, it's too big of a deal.

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Thanks so much Holly-kay ! I would say I am really on the fence right now ... as you can see I hate to make decisions !!! I think I could just go with this slab, but boy, need some honest opinions to help me validate or change my opinion !!!

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Holly- Kay

Super. if you don't love it, don't use it! I personally would love to use that beautiful slab if I had white cabs, but honestly if you need to be convinced I don't think it is the right one for you.

Whatever you choose I am anxious to see pics!!! Good luck with your project!

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Thanks a lot ! I think I have difficulty in making any big decisions :(

Do you guys think this type of Alaska white (in the link) will go well with white cabinets (also white tile :)) ? Will be less busier ? Or I should try to bring more of the contrast ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Alaska white

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I agree--if you don't love it, don't buy it. You will be staring at these counters for years to come. You don't want to have regrets each time you see them! As inconvenient as it may be, wait until you love one.

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I love White Delicatus and think it would be perfect with white cabinets, that being said, it's your kitchen not mine. You need to love it! It's a big decision and there are many wonderful slabs out there. I'd ask your fabricator to tag them, then I'd get up really early and be at the stone yards when they open on Saturday.

Good luck and please post photos when you decide!

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I personally love the slab pictured in your first post more so than the one pictured in the link, but that is just my personal taste. But as the others said- "you got to love it". Either slab, yes I think, would go great with white cabinets. Don't rush yourself and settle for something you are not wild about. Three slabs- wow can't wait to see your kitchen!

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Very pretty and I think it would look great with white cabs, but agree with the others, YOU have to love it. You seem unsure, like you're trying to talk yourself into it, but can't. If you're second guessing, it probably isn't the one.

However even if you did love it I would hope you'd get to see it and inspect it in person and hold a sample of your white cab next to it to see that your white is a match.

Please keep us posted!

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I personally love this slab, the flow on it is gorgeous & if you have white cabinetry & greyish flooring, the granite would look very nice, it will compliment stainless steel, black or white appliances well. But, yes, if you are having reservations, then don't rush into any decisions, doing a project like this is a big decision. I personally think you'd be happy with this slab as your countertop, but, what you feel inside is the only thing that counts. Good luck & please post pictures of whatever you decide to do, it's always so fun to see what people have done with their remodeling projects.

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I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I'm going with everyone else here in that you really have to love it and not feel like you are settling. My husband and I are going through the exact same thing now....trying to decide on whether we should settle on a granite that is not our first choice just because there is no upgrade charge ( new construction) or go with what we like! I feel your pain...but honestly, go with what you LOVE!

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Super -Welcome to GW!
I like the first one better than the one you linked to. First one seems darker but has more uniformity to the slab.
Second one has those big dark spots that may or may not look right when it's laid out and cut for your counters.
It's a pain doing all the driving around but I think you really need to see what you are getting and not just go off a picture. Maybe have them tape off your layout so you can visualize how it will actually look. Unless I'm misunderstanding and you have already seen all three slabs in "real life".
Sounds like your kitchen will be beautiful.

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Thanks everyone for your warm replies !!! Really helpful !! Glad to see actually this slab is beatiful in you guys' eyes ! I know this is my kitchen and I need to love it but getting the validation is important :)

Seems even if we go with this slab, it is still safer that we go to see these slabs ourselves. I will make some phone calls tomorrow and decide what I will do !! Will keep you guys updated !!

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I bought a slab of this exact granite for a kitchen island in one house and a bathroom in another. I was going to paint the kitchen cabs white but the darker color of cabinet seemed to make the granite more beautiful. This is just my opinion though. I know many people of here have this granite with white cabs and it looks lovely. I just prefer it to have the darker contrast in cabinet color.

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Wow... that pic quality is awful. Sorry about that. Another angle

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My island with dark stained cabs.

Wish I had better photos. Hope this helps!

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Debbi Branka

I love the first one with white cabs and white/gray floor. The linked one looks like the spots are more brown to me and I wouldn't mix the browns and grays. Me personally. I would do a very plain backsplash with this though - like a subway or white tiles or something soft and easy. Leave all the business to the granite. I think it would be stunning!

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Maybe I should take back what i said about dark cabs. Just saw this photo. Looks great with the creamy white cabs!

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We have white delicatus with white cabs and I love the first slab you posted. I wish ours looked like that. Our fault for not looking at our whole slab (it has more brown than our sample). I vote for the "busier" slab. Honestly I think it's less busy than the one you linked because the business is more uniform, if that makes any sense. Kind of how a pattern can be a neutral (so says What Not to Wear)

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Thank you thank you !! You guys are so wonderful in helping me !!

So we might actually just go with the slabs, but before they cut it, I will go to Chicago tomorrow morning at 7 and see the actual slabs with my measurement templates on. I think this way I can really see what I am getting and whether I like it or not. Will also bring a cabinet door with us !! Hopefully it will turn out great ! And if that's the case, they can install it this Friday, amazing huh ?

I do see the note on backsplash, I am now planning to use this granite to do the backsplash between the cooktop and range hood. Would that be too busy ? I am not doing backsplash in other parts in the kitchen yet (except the standard 4 inch ones)

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That is beautiful. I really wanted delicatus, but I couldn't find one that wasn't yellow. It looks like yours is very clearly white, just make sure to ask.

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I love the slab, but you need to love whatever you choose. I agree with Sanjuangirl to ask your fabricator to tag several slabs then be at the stoneyards bright and early on Saturday when they open. Once you comparison shop it may help you decide. Best of luck.

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