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palimpsestJuly 11, 2012

This is a bar in the area where I grew up. Some of you may have been here, because it has a national reputation of sorts. This may give some insight as to my contradictory points-of-view on life.

Some people eat here as kind of a right of passage, although I think I have only had beer in a bottle. My dad used to be on the Board of Health and there were reports that although there were no dogs, they regularly received shipments of dog food.

The part that fell off was attached the first time I went. They put plywood over the doorway into that part.

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"rite of passage"

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Oh, I love this, except the part about the dog food kind of made me gag. Thanks for sharing! Does it have a name?

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The wildlife must be amazing. The mural, too.

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Sad it's gone to $%#@.

Love the interior. Must have been something in it's day.

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Its all kind of hard to see, and there is an indescribable smell that is part mildew, part what smells like leaking natural gas....

I've never been there except in the summer, when the clientele is mostly boaters, rafters, hikers, and those seeking the place. In the winter, the clientele are there to shoot the wildlife. I would be a little afraid to run out of gas on the way there. "Let's see, is this someone's camp, or a meth lab?...., let's knock, and find out".

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I think I used to 'have a thing' w/ the guy that owns it. Okay - maybe not that specific bar, but the guy that I had a 'thing' w/ does own a similar bar.

I'd be able to better tell if I'd been to that bar if I went through the motions:

Drink too much.
Get drunk.
Laugh so hard I fall off of my stool.
Lie on floor still laughing hysterically for no reason. If I recognize the Eagle on the ceiling then I've been there but I'd have to go through these steps to know for sure.

Please don't think less of me. Not because of the dive, character bar thing but because of the 'thing' thing.

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I am supposed to be painting, not reading gw.
Stop. All of you. Just stop.


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Foxes, does that ceiling look familiar?
It's blown up from a tiny picture, but from what you've said the blur might actually help your recognition:

Maybe it's a duck. There is also a cigarette machine, and I *think* a jukebox that gets plugged in in the bathroom through a notch in the door. Although that might be another bar where I live.

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Surely this gem is not in Philly. I'm guessing somewhere in central/mid PA? If it's anywhere near Allegheny College, my husband probably visited with his fraternity brothers.

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It's not far, as rural driving goes, 2hrs maybe? But there are no four lane roads or stoplights in the County it's in--someone has to know where it is to find it, and even then I passed by it last time.

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North Central PA would be in the area LOL! Soooooo glad I didn't continue down that dirt road!

Def. not the same bar. Same feel? Yes. If that bar were def. in the central PA area then maybe it's Central PA decor thing because it also has the same 'feel' as an area gathering hole where some of my family lives. No traffic lights and only either dirt or patched up roads in the area.

Plugged into the bathroom outlet? Too funny!

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