Brass everywhere...what to do about door knobs?

rkb21May 4, 2013

We are planning to remove the brass faucet and knobs in the kitchen and replace them with stainless faucet and satin nickel knobs/pulls. We have brass door knobs on the exterior doors and lever style knobs everywhere throughout the home. Our home is a traditional colonial style home. All of the fixtures everywhere else are brass (good quality brass), which is why we won't be changing it all out anytime soon.

So, my question is what would you do? Change just the door knobs/levers that are visible in the kitchen area, like the pantry lever, to a nickel finish or leave them as is?

We also have patio sliding glass doors with brass handles...would you change those to white so they kind of disappear?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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You could leave all the brass as it is architectural hardware, it doesn't have to match cabinet hardware or the faucet necessarily.

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Holly- Kay

I think I would leave it also. We have lovely brass lever type handles on our wooden, six panel doors. I would prefer the egg style knobs but what we have is fine.

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Sophie Wheeler

Brass is back. You can leave it all alone and be the new trendsetter in the neighborhood.

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I made my pantry lever and hinges match the kitchen Venetian bronze cabinet handles and faucets, and left the rest of the house as bright brass. My patio door handles were already white.

I don't think it would be a mistake to leave the brass, just whatever you like.

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I would leave it if it is still functional.

In our case, I replaced ours before our kitchen thinking I would go with brushed nickel pulls - guess what - we didn't, so we have a brand new door handle and our kitchen is antique brass - so should be fine - no one has noticed the difference...

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

When I come to visit, I come to visit YOU, not your house. Many times, I've gone home and can't even remember the color of your walls or sofa. But I do remember your smile, and your laughter!

These little things are important to us, but most people won't even notice....... UNLESS you point it out!


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Thanks! I appreciate everyone's feedback. My initial feelings were to leave the brass levers/hinges on the doors. I think that decision's been made.

We are getting 2 new double patio sliding doors and one triple siding door (white wood interior) in the breakfast area/hearth rooms so I was debating changing those handles to white so they disappear or keeping them brass to match the other 4 sliding doors that all open to one deck, but from different rooms in the home. I was thinking white but now I'm not sure.

I need to tell them by tomorrow...any thoughts on the sliding door handles?

On a side note, I was about to post the initial message when I noticed the title said "breasts everywhere" instead of "brass everywhere." Luckily, I caught it before I posted it....yikes...autocorrect can be dangerous, but gave me a laugh!!!

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Don't you just love predictive text!
Go with whatever is on your front door :-)

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Keep the millwork hardware consistent through the home. And yes, brass is back.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

This makes me sad. We have an 80's reno and everything is oak and brass. But the brass is so caked with hard water, it would take triple strength CLR to eat through it.

Maybe we should try.

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Holly- Kay

I still love a good quality brass and always will. We have a triple slider now and as soon as the rest of the kitchen is complete I want to replace it with an outward swing door. Hopefully a french door with a third full glass panel. DH says "stop it already get the darn kitchen done before you plan anything else".

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Thanks for everyone's input.

We have the brass/gold everywhere, in all the bathrooms, door knobs, chandeliers, etc, etc. I was thinking let's start changing it out, BUT, it's a big endeavor with as many doors, faucets, fixtures that we have.

It's great to know that brass is BACK! I guess I'll keep the patio sliders with brass handles. This way, all of the handles from the other 4 sliders will match on the outside deck to look more cohesive.

Thanks again!

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