Hardwood flooring versus engineered wood floors in kitchen

kateydid29May 13, 2013

Our new granite countertops were installed in December and our backsplash last week (will post pics soon-we are in the process of changing out the outlets and wall switches and their covers).

Next up: flooring.

Right now, we have laminate in the kitchen; it actually looked really nice 12 years ago when we built the house and it worked well with 4 dogs and 2 cats. Not so much anymore, though!

We are trying to decide between solid hardwood floors or engineered wood floors for the kitchen. Although we were happy with our laminate, we know many folks are not a fan of it and it is not considered a positive selling point for a house. Is engineered hardwood looked at the same way as laminate? Lesser quality and/or less desirable than solid hardwood?

Am just starting to research this and know next to nothing about these types of floors.



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I'm not sure you could put solid hardwood in an existing kitchen. You need a good plywood subfloor for solid wood, and you may not have that. If not, your floor will get so high that you won't be able to fit your dishwasher under the counter.

Engineered hardwood is a floating floor, like your laminate. I'm not a fan of wood in the kitchen (I'm paranoid about water damage), but lots of people don't worry about it.

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Am not sure about the plywood. Have been told we would need different sub flooring if we went with tile. Haven't talked to anyone about wood floors yet. Will ask about the dishwasher, I never thought about that issue. Thanks, annkh.

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I would consider engineered somewhere between laminate and solid, with a slight edge towards solid. It can be a very stable floor, in some cases more so than solid, but the big drawback is that it can only be re- finished a couple of times before sanding through the veneer... and engineered is not the same as floating, it can be nailed or glued down

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We have had both. It could depend on your climate but we live where the climates change (Canada) and I prefer the engineered hardwood floors. I found the thicker solid hardwood to shrink more and leave large gaps in winter even with the humidifier working properly, the engineered is more stable.

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We are in northern indiana, so get somewhat extreme changes in temperature, humidity, etc...We've been tracking th ehumidity level in our house over the last two weeks and it's stayed around 55 per cent. Is there also a limit to how many times solid hardwood can be sanded and restained?

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