Help! undercabinet LED lightbar connection?

mpg2004May 14, 2014

We are trying to have undercabinet LED light bars installed, but the electricians don't have a good solution for how to connect the 120V line they pulled from the wall to the light bars we purchased (MaxLight plug and play low profile light bars). They are pushing for me to switch to either xenon lights (we really want the LEDs) or to switch out the light bars we have for a different brand (CSL) that is physically larger so they can direct wire to those lights. We bought the MaxLight bars at the recommendation of the lighting store that our GC sent us to, and they are sold as able to be hard-wired.

Is there a box or some other piece that we're missing to be able to connect the 120V line from the wall to the light bar? The electricians claim the only option is an large plastic junction box that "I won't like". We do have a light rail installed, so we have some room to hide a box. How are LED light bars typically connected?

I hope this makes sense! I'm at the end of the renovation project, and need to make a decision by tomorrow am. I'm feeling frustrated that they couldn't have told me weeks ago when I first showed them the lights that they didn't know how to wire them.


Here is a link that might be useful: the lights we have

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We originally bought those lights for under our cabinets and it seems that I had to order additional wires that did not come with the lights. We ended up using them above our cabinets only because I didn't realize they didn't have an on/off toggle switch on them in case I ever wanted to turn some off individually. Anyway, there are accessory parts/wires made by maxlite specifically for these lights that you should look into that would allow you to hardware them. If you're not sure, call Environmental Lights and ask them...they are extremely helpful.

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After looking at your link, I believe you need the bare wire connector which is listed as "70 inch bar to power cable" on page 4.

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I bought similar lights from that company, just call support and they will have one of their engineers help you. Or better yet, hand the phone to your crew. You do need to order a power wire for them, one end plugs into the bar, one end has either a plug or bare wires for direct wire.

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Call support - they were wonderful to deal with when we had questions. They'll be able to tell you exactly what you need and get an order placed for you.

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Thanks for the replies. I actually bought the lights from a local store - the environmental lights website had the PDF available which is why I posted it. I do gave the power cables, just not a box to make the romex to power cable connection in. Dh found a box at hd last night for a different brand of lights that should work fine. It's frustrating that the lighting store didn't sell me all the parts I needed (I went in with my kitchen plans & asked to buy everything needed for install) AND concerning that the electricians made such a big deal about not being able to find a suitable box when there were several options available off the shelf at hd. Here's hoping today goes more smoothly!


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