Just for fun, So you will the lottery.....

debrak_2008May 16, 2013

That should be "WIN" the lottery.

We are not lottery players. Tonight though we talked at dinner about what we would do if we won.

So just for fun.... imagine you win the big one. You either build new or remodel your existing kitchen. What are three things that would be must haves? Or would you stay and keep it as is?

Perhaps you would want a view of your favorite mountain range or the ocean. Where in the world would it be? Is there one appliance that you would have to have? One feature or design element?

I'll start..... it would have to have a big view of rolling hills with a pond. It would have a great layout but not be too large, as I'm not planning on any paid help. It would be probably lean toward a rustic craftsman style, of course with a heated granite island ; )

So tell me a few must haves for your "lottery win" kitchen.

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Holly- Kay

Hmmmm, I would like to have a bit larger kitchen and breakfast area and a new triple door that is not a slider.

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I love my kitchen the way it is - no changes. However. . . . . .

I'm not sure I'd want to win. My reasoning is thus - It is my privilege to know a family that has been wildly successful in their field (Donated over $100 Million to a favorite charity - twice). They are salt of the earth folks. Great people, great parents and generous to fault.

But they can't travel anywhere, not even to church, without heavily armed "drivers". and a multi-car caravan. If they come over for dinner, I feed the security team also. Their teenaged kids also have to have bodyguards 24/7. At school, at sleepovers at friends' homes, on dates - everywhere. The security arrangements are constantly on their minds.

Whenever they meet someone new - the thought that is always in the back of their mind is "Does this person really just want to say hello or do they want something from me." Due only to the fact of them being successful at this level, they have to worry about kidnappings and other threats.

They can travel the world, go where they want - whenever they want. And yet, can never escape what their vast fortune has thrust upon them. They've had to move because the world class security team they hired could not secure their previous home.

My buddy tells me all the time, "Be careful what you wish for." and he means it.

So, as much fun as it sounds, it would be a hellish life for me.

But I have to say, they do have a damn nice kitchen :). It should have it's own zip code.


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Having just finished making peace with the realities our our house and budget, that's easy!

The future dream build would be a reality, so more planning! About 1200 sf sounds right, enough to spread out and entertain a bit, but manageable to clean.

Large window bump out behind the sink
Garden window somewhere.
Induction cooktop with wall ovens (regular plus speed)
Raised DW
Peninsula or island seats, 2 or 3
Frosted glass uppers
Walnut cabinets

Hard to fill in any more until I see how I like what's sitting here waiting for install!

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Wait, just how big is this jackpot?

Cause if we are talking megamillions, then I am outta this place! Not because I hate it (I've been here 20 years and likely will be here 20 more) but -- it is small, just a bit too close to the neighbors, and I don't have enough garden space or a view; plus this home wasn't built for efficient ventilation, heating or cooling and there is no place to add a 2nd lavatory.
Where would I live? I was watching the Tour of California (cycling race) this evening and that central coast area looked mighty nice, between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.
My kitchen, which would be about double the size I have now(so about 250-300 sf), would have French doors opening onto a screened patio, and a large window view of those hills or that large lake. Room for a freezer in addition to the fridge. A walk-in pantry where I could store the preserves that I make from my orchard (my fortune would be enough to pay for the water for that orchard). A few glass fronted cabinets and some open shelves . A vintage stove. Good ventilation (notice that I really can't be specific about brand/type, I just aspire to something *better*)

I had always thought that if I won a fortune I would use it to rehab lovely old houses. Not so sure about that now, though.

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At this fleeting moment, I would like to rent a luxury dwelling. The energy of owning things has lost its appeal. It would be near people I love and look out onto natural beauty and light. My rental kitchen would have a lot of storage and a very large island. There would be a fab range top with quiet effective ventilation and two wall ovens at the same height. A full freezer and separate full fridge would hold my local organic pasture raised everything. The veggie sink would be perfectly placed and not eat into prep space. There would be a cut out in the island where my plant scraps could fall into a compost bin. And, surprise, I would like a real linoleum floor. My highly paid housekeeper would wash it twice a week. When I tired of my kitchen, I would move to another luxury rental.
Tonight's reality? I washed dishes in the bathroom because the kitchen faucet gave out. My floor is a disaster. My oven is on the fritz. But I'm thankful. My people are all well today and my husband has a great sense of humor. Tomorrow is another day!

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I'd call the fire department to let them know that it was a controlled burn after I ripped out everything that could be reused that I like and I'd have a house moving company move the brick wall in the kitchen or the entire kitchen, however it needed to be done. Then I'd build a big old barn with attached silo for my spiral staircase. And I'd live happily ever after with no neighbors and 3 bathrooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Post lotto home

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Ugh... that's easy. I'd pay others to do all the things I'm doing myself, and when I say myself, I mean with my two aching hands. Here's the list so far:

I painted the trim in the house white without removing the wall paper (careful - slow - never again) in the entry, center hall, upstairs hall, master BR and bath.

Painted walls and trim in FR; removed contents of built-in bookcases and donated to charity; moved more bookcases in, cleaned then filled them all.

My ongoing torment - the powder room. I pulled up the tile, no problem. I've been working on removing the wallpaper (foil over builder paper) for weeks. Thank heavens I'm a great skimcoater.

My most recent accomplishment thanks to Angie_DIY and gpraceman: pulled electrical wiring out from behind drywall, re-connected an outlet, repaired drywall, primed for painting in coat room, to allow install of a new alarm panel.

My current project is lifting the bricks in the front walkway, leveling the bed, re-laying the bricks. I'm not yet half done (image below). I plan to use polymeric joining sand when I'm done. Meanwhile, I'm working on the kitchen layout, cabinet ordering, trying to find a way to afford it all.

If I won the lottery I would retire from the manual labor and just stick with my real job.

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So, just how big is this win? If it's a "still-keep-your-day-job" type of win, there's a few upgrades to the house that I'd do.

I'd tear down the one support wall to open things up more entirely on the first floor (we're taking out a non-support wall for the remodel, but keeping the support wall due to costs) and in doing that, would completely change the layout of the kitchen...not really adding more cabinetry, but changing the location of the cabinets. I'd change the windows as well (keeping them the same size as they are because the exterior of the house is brick and it will be almost impossible to match). About another 100k or so that can go to the house? We'd put on the addition we've been talking about which is a master bedroom suite and mancave. Still more? Have expert landscapers come to redesign our yard.

Now, independently wealthy and can quit the day job? I'd be really likely to become an ex-pat and move to rural Italy or France - find an old, old place that needs a compete reno and pay someone to do it while hubby and I take the slow route on a round-the-world trip that I long for. :)

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"If I won the lottery I would retire from the manual labor and just stick with my real job."

I might do the opposite. I could quit my real job and then have unlimited time to do fun projects. First on the list in terms of fun factor would be to finish the stone wall I began last year, then I would move on from there. I aspire to build a free-standing, dry stacked stone pillar in the garden.

Depending on the size of the lottery haul, I could imagine staying in this house but doing all the upgrades we've ever dreamed of. I would definitely enjoy that!

I would buy an Eames lounge chair in white leather, from which I would recline, relax and post on GW. Oh, and I'd have a larger greenhouse too.

But all in all, I'm OK with an Ikea Poang chair and a smaller greenhouse. I really can't complain. :)

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I would keep my house as it is (just remodeling the kitchen), but I would build a cottage on our lake property, buy the land across the road from the cottage, and build a forever home overlooking the lake.

The lake lot is very small, and with setbacks doesn't leave much room for a big house. So I want the house nearby for DH and me, while our siblings and kids can stay in the cottage. The across-the-road property is 50 acres, including woods, pasture, and pond. I'd have room for a couple of horses, an unattached garage for storing boats, trailers, canoes, etc. DH get get himself a little tractor, and grow his own barley and hops.

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