Anyone have HONED Colonial Cream Granite?

wawCooksMay 3, 2013

Hi. We are loving colonial cream and think a honed (or leathered?) texture will be warmer to the touch but want to make sure it is easy to maintain and that CC can be safely honed. We've had one counter source say they won't hone CC because the process compromises the integrity of the granite and they cannot warranty the product. Is that just this source and we should find a source that is more comfortable with the process or should we take this as a message that we should find another finish? We didn't ask about leathering it (yet). We can do polished if we really love the stone... I wanted something that felt warmer and is cream colored but not too busy. Not willing to stress with a marble (stain propensity etc).

Have Whitehall Cambria in master bath and it is just so cold feeling I wanted to explore another option to a quartz in the kitchen. Love the feel of soapstone but we have a black slate floor so would be too dark in the space.

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Sophie Wheeler

Sounds like you really want Corian, not granite. Honing granite is not going to make it feel any warmer. Corian will feel much warmer to the touch. And it's far more stain resistant than a honed light granite. It's not shiny either. Honing granite makes it more porous and even less stain resistant and more difficult to clean.

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