Help with my kitchen remodel!

wellnerdeMay 29, 2013

I would really appreciate any advise/suggestions on remodeling my kitchen. I purchased the house as an investment property and might actually start to rent it out next year after all of the renovations are completed. So I don't want to spend a lot of money renovating the kitchen, but would like to have it look nice and also do upgrades that are going to hold up to abuse.

So far I have made the following changes:

1. Installed all new stainless steel samsung appliances except for the range which is an old Jenn Air downdraft slide-in range.

2. Replaced the old worn out vinyl flooring with TrafficMaster Ceramica groutable vinyl tiles.

I plan on removing the wallpaper and replacing all of the switches and electrical outlets that are worn out. But am having trouble deciding the following:

-Should I replace the countertops with Formica or Granite?
-Should I replace the tile backsplash, paint it with something like the Rustoleum Transformation kit, or leave it as is?
-Should I go with white outlets or black with stainless steel cover plates?
-Should I leave the cabinets as-is, or paint them? If I paint them trying to decide if I should go white or another color.
-Thinking about replacing the old style track lighting with the following light from Home Depot. Is this a good choice?

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The most I would do is paint and put in a daintier light fixture. I would declutter the counter tops to open things up.

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I agree with LoPay, especially if it is an average neighborhood.

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IF you decide to paint the cabinets, I personally, based on the color of your new floor tile, would paint them a soft taupe or off white, I would leave the walls the blue that you already have, the two together will make your kitchen feel more "open" I think. I would replace the track lighting with a more delicate light, like LoPay said, a small chandelier would look awesome, but that's personal taste & also declutter the counters if possible. As far as granite countertops, versus formica, well, the granite will be more expensive, possibly a lot more expensive, depending what you pick, but, it's also a lot more of an updated look to your kitchen also, so that's your choice of course. Nowdays, they do make some very nice formicas. Are you planning on keeping your existing backsplash tile? That is something else you can do that'll really change the look of your kitchen. I, myself am have a little bit of trouble deciding on a tile to use for a backsplash with my new granite, but, this site really helps with decisions, good luck, I know your kitchen will turn out great!

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the only change would be knobs/handles on all the cabinets...too many potential problems with unknown people's hands/fingertips/nails on the edges to open .Perhaps a change in the ceiling fixture but not sure why,really:wouldn't do anything else for a rental-it's an above average kitchen for a rental-no painting of cabinets-that sturdy oak will actually be quite easy to maintain/ whereas painted cabinets in a rental-God- NO.

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I would put some simple hardware on the cabinets and call it finished.

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I would consider what the rentals in the neighborhood are like and only do improvements if it will help you rent the property faster.

Hardware is a functional must to protect your cabinets.

Aside form that, the light is a candidate, but you need to select carefully as there does not seem to be adequate light. The countertop, if it needs to be replaced at all, should focus on replacing the trim strip where there is mold and pretty heavy wear at the sink/dw. It may begin to degrade further. A new laminate with a continuous edge would be the only upgrade I would consider, but then you get into issues with the backsplash and you are quickly escalating in cost, if you are not experienced at doing your own tile.

Similarly, I would not paint the cabinets but I might consider brightening and modernizing the color of the walls. It is not doing the BSor soffit any favors. And if you do not have the doors any longer, that refrigerator cabinet would show better with a quick lick of paint on the inside or some other solution. Right now, from a distance, it looks like damage with the salmon colored backing.

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I would:
Just clean the cabinets, and if they need it, put some poly top coat on them (or restore-a-finish).
Would NOT paint them, especially not for a rental.
Add simple hardware.
Clean and declutter, declutter. Does the microwave convey?
Is the blue the wallpaper? Unless it's really dirty or looks gross, I'd leave it as is.
After your first renter moves, I'd address repainting and repairing/replacing whatever is broken.

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