Please help pick cabinet/floor combination

tshermanMay 3, 2009

I'm stuck! We are putting in h/w floors, and replacing the cabinets and having a very hard time deciding on the floor and cabinet colors. We are a "stained" wood family, so paint is out, but I also want to have enough contrast between the cabinets and floors so it doesn't look like a sauna. I (think we) want a lighter floor and a darker cabinet (because the darker cabinets will draw the eye up and the lighter floors won't show the dirt as much... I hope) We are drawn to the exotic hardwoods, and they tend to be darker so to get enough contrast we are looking at very dark cabinets... and I'm getting scared it will be too dark.

The kitchen isn't small, but we have 8ft ceilings, and little natural light. We are adding recessed lights, and plan on using a light granite countertop and lighter backsplash so it is hard to predict how things will come together. Our cabinet maker has limited "dark brown" options (which given our indecision is probably a good thing!)

So here are our options,

Amendoim floor with dark brown cabinets

Brazilian Teak floor with espresso cabinets

Santos Mahogany floor with espresso cabinets

What do you think?

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I don't see as much contrast with the Amendoim and the cabinet choice you show in the top picture, but I LOVE the Amendoim sample...The grain pattern is so pretty! Is this enough contrast for you?

I'm not liking the color combo of the espresso with the teak.

The mahogany and espresso are gorgeous, but the darkest of the floors, it looks like.

Did you not like the Amendoim with the espresso cabs?

If the 1st combo is enough contrast for you, I think I'd put that in first place, especially since you're worried about getting too dark. The 3rd combo is my 2nd choice.

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Tough choice! I vote for the Brazilian teak floor. It's warm, and offers a nice contrast. I really like the Mahogany floor, but feel as though it might be too red for the cabinets.

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I love amendoim floors. They are beautiful! I don't know if the cabinets shown are giving you the contrast you want, but I love those floors (based on pictures I seen here and from seeing them in person) and think they look nice with the cabinet color you have shown in your picture.

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Another vote for the amendoim. I haven't seen these floors before, but based on your sample pic, they look wonderful and quite unique. I think RHome has an interesting idea to try and match up the espresso with the amendoim.


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I vote for the teak. I'm dealing with the same thing. I was going to go with a darker cabinet but changed to a cherry with coffee glaze. I want a lighter but not too light floor and I don't want any red if possible.

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I like the 3rd choice just based on looking at the samples, although my opinion might change depending on the other areas of your home especially if you have open concept. Do you have hardwood flooring in any other areas of your home, if so what tone of color, also what color woods do you already have in furniture? Those would influence my decision.

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I like the first and the last ones better, but the middle is nice too....
I'd probably check which is most durable and compare costs and decide on that because they are all gorgeous!

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I like the Brazilian Teak floor with espresso cabinets the best. Nice warm contrast.

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Wow - thanks for the responses! I guess it helps that the feedback is mixed too. What ever floor we choose is going throughout the first floor and stairs so it is a big commitment. I think any of the floor colors would work with the furniture in the house. One big problem I'm having is that these are all br-111 and I've been to several showrooms and sometimes the amendoim looks really country with tons of knots and the teak looks great, but sometimes the teak looks flat and almost grey and the amendoim looks amazing. Neither of these woods is extremely photo-sensitive so I don't understand why there is such varied displays. We grabbed the santos mahogany yesterday because it was gorgeous, but I do think it's too red and too dark for us. OK, that eliminates one!

We were all set on the amendoim but as some mentioned, I'm worried there's not enough contrast with the cabinets. Maybe it would help of the sample cabinet was larger. We did consider the espresso cabinet with the amendoim but the tones didn't seem to match and since the floor is busy the contrast seemed to stark if that makes sense. I was hoping I'd see a combination and "just know", but so far... no.

I really appreciate the fresh set of eyes and love your input!

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tsherman, could you tell me which as the least red between the Amendoim and teak? I got a sample of the Brazilian cherry from Blackriver and they sent two pieces and a lot of red in one of the pieces. Guess that is why they sent 2.

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Msgreatdeals (love the name!) It sounds like we have the same concerns. I really wanted to avoid the red/pick look on the floor - Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood were out, and now so is Santos Mahogany. BC seemed to be red to dark brown, while the SM seemed red to light brown. They are all beautiful floors, but I just don't like the red tone.

I wouldn't say either the Amendoim or the Brazilian Teak are red, but of the two the BT is further from red. The Amendoim is golden honey to medium brown, and there is a lot of color variation and swirly grain. It really doesn't look red, but if your cabinets have any reddish-cherry to them, it would work. The BT is consistently is a flat brown but has more of a green-brown undertone with smoother grain if that makes sense. A reddish cherry cabinet (like the samples shown in my first picture) does not work with this floor. Also, the A. and the BT are not only different colors but, to me, seem to be almost different styles of floors. BR-111 has room pictures on their site, but I have to say they don't look the same as the samples I have so I'm not sure how much it helps. Again, I have to mention that I've seen great samples of both, and terrible samples of both so I am a little concerned with what I'll be getting either way.

I hope that helped a little - or have I dragged you into my confused state?!? (I'd love to have company here!)

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tsherman, yes we do have the same concerns! I have never liked red oak or red tone flooring. Today, I finally decided that I will probably go with a good laminate only because they seem to offer a lot more choices in colors! I'm going to be installing about 1400sq ft and most of it will be in high traffic areas or where there is some water.
Installers seem to charge less to install laminate too. Laminate is suppose to last 25-30 years....that's probably more than I will last. :-)Glad you liked the name....I'm always looking for a "greatdeal"
Can anyone recommend a "great" laminate?

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Have you considered a bamboo floor? Would need some kind of stain so it woulnd't look too yellow. Is there some exotic choice out there that more of a taupey gray then reddish color? I'd love that choice with espresso cabs.

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