Urgent! Soapstone selection. Will I lose the vein?

honu3421May 14, 2014

Hi all you stone and ss lovers! I just got a call today from my soapstone supplier telling me that the new shipment is in and I need to make my selection today! Okay, so I am across the ocean from her and she was supposed to tell me when it was coming so that I could fly over. So now that that is not happening, I need to make my selection from her photos.

She has two bundles and the main difference is the location of the large, center vein. Bundle 1 has the vein just a little bit higher than Bundle 2. And there is more veining in Bundle 2. For reference, the slabs are 121 x 70. I don't want to lose the vein entirely through fabrication and also don't want a lot of waste.

I am thinking Bundle 2 for the island, but which bundle for the perimeter? I so want to use that vein!! Layout and stone pics attached.

Kitchen Layout:

Bundle 1

Bundle 2:

All comments welcome. Thank you!

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The Bundle 1 picture isn't showing up.

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Oh, thank your for the head's up. I did some deleting. Hope this works.
Bundle 1

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I love both! If you want to use the one with less veining but want to make sure to keep the big vein, can you ask them to show you (maybe with blue painters tape or something?) how they would template it?

I haven't ever bought slab stone countertops, so I'm not sure how it is usually done, but it seems like they ought to be able to show you a picture of how they would template it.

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How absolutely lovey.
I have no advice; just wanted to ooo and ahh.

I talked with my wonderful fabricator today. They take my $$ like layaway. When I hit 1/2, they install. When I started with them, no one was handling soapstone. Everyone I talked to corrected my pronunciation to 'Silestone.'
Needless to say, I committed to these ladies who said, "Of course. We don't normally handle it, but we can get it for you and take you to our vendors who bring it in." They got my $$. Now, she said they do soapstone practically every other job.

I am so excited to see your beautiful slabs! I cannot WAIT until I can post pictures here. What do I choose? This or that!?! Yeahhh!

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Beautiful slabs!
The only advice I would have, is make sure your fabricator lays out the joint at that corner right angle, so that any veins seem to flow naturally, and not end in an abrupt change in direction...

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crl, CEFreeman and ctycdm: thank you, thank you for your responses! I was so surprised that you think the slabs are beautiful. When I read that from each of you my stress level went down to like, minus 10. I've seen so many drop dead gorgeous kitchens here on GW that I really thought these slabs were just okay and maybe fine, but not in the beautiful category. So, taking a breath I am leaning toward Bundle 2. This is the one my supplier likes and I trust her implicitly and, there is enough veining so that if I end up sacrificing the largest vein I will still get some nice veining on the counter tops.

crl and ctydm: the supplier does not fabricate. My fabricator is in my state, the slabs are far off across the ocean. So no mock up until they get here. I did send photos to my fabricator asking his opinion but he is gone for the day and may not get back to me in time. These slabs arrived at the supplier's today and they are all sold. I am being given first pick because I've been working with this firm for 1 1/2 years. But I have to let them know asap.

CEFreeman....what can I say? Your posts (and I've enjoyed many) always crack me up. Just what I needed before my glass of wine and cookie dough! We are all cheering you on to finish your kitchen, raspberry sink, inset cabinets and soapstone. Yum.

You guys are awesome. Thank you!

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An example of working with the veins... There are four seams around my corner sink, you can see the joint about an inch in from the corner. My fabricator did a great job of lining up a vein to appear as if it was natural, as well as book matching the backsplash.
Enjoy your beautiful stone!

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Bundle #2 gets my vote. Beautiful slabs! How exciting for you.

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ctycdm: I never tire of looking at your beautiful ss, even though it evokes some serious ss-book-matched-beautiful-backsplash envy. I would have never known you have 4 seams at your sink. I appreciate hearing that and now, for the first time, I see the seam. My fabricator would faint! No one in my state knows how to fabricate soapstone. Everyone is fixated on granite with minimal seams. so I have some serious challenges ahead of me which I will be posting when it comes to fabrication.

Romy: thank you for your vote. I think we will be able to capture that vein in bundle 2 easier than the one in bundle 1.

I have 3 slabs of bundle 2 on hold. DSister, who lives in the same state where the ss resides, is going to visit the stone today and will report back to me that what we see in the pictures is confirmed IRL. My only concern is the extensive veining on the left of bundle 2. It may make it more difficult to fabricate a good seam as ctycdm points out. Thanks again to everyone.

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