choosing a double oven

MedservantMay 7, 2014

We're replacing a double oven that's old and tired. After looking at various brands, we've pretty much settled on a DCS/Fisher & Paykel. Has anyone had any experience with this oven? Our 10-yr-old Fisher & Paykel gas cooktop has served us very well. Other brands we're considering are Viking, Wolf, and Thermadore. We have family members who have both Thermadore and Dacor and have discouraged us from those brands due to unreliability and poor performance. The salesman told us Thermadore underwent a quality alteration about six years ago ... experience, anyone? Also, we were discouraged by two different appliance retailers from purchasing Viking because of service issues. Both claimed they've had difficulty getting parts and customer service from Viking. Again, I'm interested in the experiences of others! Thanks!

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I have never used the DCS, but it was my first oven crush. They use it on the Americas Test Kitchen TV show on PBS. The ovens look gorgeous and there is an iconic wall of ovens that has to be seen to be believed! Their racks look amazing, and the controls - so simple and elegant. Enjoy yours in the best of health!

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I suggest posting this question on the Appliances Forum.

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We just put in a Thermador double oven in our remodel and have been using it fairly regularly since December. It's been great for us so far but who knows what a year or two will bring. We worked with a fantastic appliance company in our area that is well-regarded so I'm not worried about getting repairs if necessary (I've never ever ever had to have an appliance repair person out to our house - 20+ years).

One of the things that sold us on the Thermador ovens is the soft-close doors. They are one of the best features IMO!

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Thanks so much for the feedback - it really is helpful! To ck_squared: that Thermadore feature really is impressive! How many times my old oven door has slammed shut, causing me to fear for the glass insert in its door! I'm sure you'll enjoy your oven for years to come! To buehl: I'm new to this website (love it for the forums), so didn't realize there was a better forum I could use. May try that .. thanks! And to EAM44: I appreciate your comments regarding the DCS. I did realize America's Test Kitchen uses them, and I, too, like the simplicity of their look .. that's one thing that's selling me. The other thing is the fact that there's no electronic control panel - I prefer to do my own settings. And I love those racks! This is probably the oven we'll buy .. thanks for your well wishes!

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