? on Waterstone Faucet/Riverby Sink

abbey_cnyMay 28, 2012

Finally ready to start my kitchen remodel thanks to all I have learned from this site. But I am not sure if I have a problem or not with my sink and faucet choice. I have decided on a Kohler RIverby undermount Sink and a Waterstone Faucet (the 4200 Annapolis Faucet). I was just reading the various measurements and I noticed that the Annapolis Faucet calls for recommended hole size of 1 3/8 " while the Riverby sink is described as having oversized holes (and they are listed as 2 3/8" approx.) So is this going to be a problem? I don't want my faucets sliding around so there must be some way to fill in the extra space or something? I will be ordering my cabinets this week so I need to know what sink I am getting so I can order the correct size sink cabinet. The kitchen forum has helped me with a lot of my decisions but I am still clueless on some of the details as you can tell, lol. So any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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Rachiele, LLC

Hi there,

This Kohler sink is designed as an undermount sink. As long as the holes in the countertop are 1 1/2" you will have no problem. The tightening mechanism with all Waterstone faucets will work.

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Thank you! I knew there had to be a simple answer but I needed to reassure myself before I spent that kind of money on a faucet :)


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I am considering the Kohler Riverby sink. Did you get it? If so, how do you like it? Did you get any of the accessories? I have a small kitchen and am considering the 25 inch model. Thank you.

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Hi Catlover. (I have 2 myself ) I ended up not getting the riverby sink. It was everything I wanted, until I went shopping for granite and saw a silgranite sink. I then went home and studied up on silgranite, and I was hooked. So, sorry I cannot give you any info. Good luck with your project!


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I have a 33" single basin Riverby sink and I LOVE it!! I bought the top mount because it was $259 at Lowes vs the over $600 price tag for the undermount. I have great counter guys though and they made it an undermount anyway and it is wonderful! It was tricky b/c the top mount has a bevelled edge on the sink side so they had to cut EXACTLY to fit. There was no wiggle room. The sink is very heavy and needed full support beneath as well. They did a great job and I couldn't be happier with it.

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Thank you Abbey. The opposite for me. . I was set on the Silgranit for the 27 in cab until I found that the faucet had to be put on the side. I am looking into pulling the cab forward but when I ordered the cabs I asked for the deeper cab but the KD said I did not have the room. I may just go with the SS again. Cats are like chips, you can't have just one! I am glad to hear you are so pleased with your sink! I purchased the HD version but it won't fit without scooping the sides which I am not ready to do.

Slone, really? I have to make a note of this. Did you get the counter at Lowe's too? That's a big savings. I wonder if all granite guys can do this. Do you have a positive reveal or exactly the sink shape?

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We put an undermount Riverby in our new kitchen. We're not living there yet. But so far, it seems great. It comes with several accessories. It does have a bit of a reveal so that you can use the accessories. I've messed with the faucet and sink a bit and think we're going to love it. It has a slight slope so the water will drain toward the offset drain. Our tall faucet (Moen Woodmere) doesn't splash even when the spout isn't swiveled over the drain. It's a nice sink.

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No...our granite guys did the counter and built the support for the sink. Our GC said it was one of the most difficult sinks they've mounted...not because they turned a top mount into an undermount but because we bumped the entire sink out 3" with 45 degree angles. I kept telling them I could get another sink but they knew I loved this one so they went the extra mile to make it work. This particular top mount had something like 4 faucet holes and I only really wanted one (another reason why they undermounted it...lol) I had no idea when I picked out the sink. I just loved it and the price was great. I love the fact that my guys made it work...it came out beautiful.

I was worried that the bevelled edge might be a cleaning problem but it's actually better b/c it slopes toward the sink so nothing sits in that little grouted groove at all. Love, love it. (still working on a backsplash though) Pics:

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Babs, good to know. Thanks!

Slone, your kitchen is stunning. I really really like it! Thanks for the great photos. I appreciate it. What is that granite? I want that sink!

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Thank you, catlover~

The granite is bianco antico....LOVE it. But, it's been super hard to pick a backsplash for...I'm open to suggestions (still..I have a huge thread running about my BS dilemma!...but don't mean to hijack your thread)

But, on the sink, doesn't hurt to ask your construction crew to see if they can do something out of the ordinary. In my case, it didn't cost much more to make the sink I wanted work for me!

Good luck!

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Thank you and my apologies to you, abbey_cny for hijacking the post but I just need to get a sink and I am really thinking about the Riverby although it costs a lot more than I was considering . Silgranit was my first choice but I am really like this Riverby sink!


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Just following up, how's the Riverby? Any chips or scratches showing up? Thank you.

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