White fridge on white cabinets?

skubaMay 13, 2013

Hi, we are working 6square white (linen) shaker cabinets, it's the same as cliqstudios white Dayton style. Due to our limited space we are going to buy a specific Samsung fridge and it's available in stainless silver, stainless platinum, white and black. I am thinking about getting the white, but wondering if the colors would clash.
Unfortunately this fridge or any samsung appliance in white can't be found in any local stores, so I can't see it in person.

This is the cabinet (problem is that each picture has different light and quality):


This is the fridge:


Do you guys have any idea what shade of white is this fridge?


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I am so glad I decided to stop at a Best Buy even though the site sad they didn't have the fridge in white.

Now I can answer my own question. It wouldn't look good. The cabinets white is warmer and looks yellowish next to the samsung white fridge. See image.

I really wanted the white to work, but I think SS will work better in this case.


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Wow, you stopped at Best Buy AND you had cabinet samples with you! (I'm never that organized.) I agree that the two whites are very different, and that stainless seems a better way to go here.

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I think that I saw that platinum color yesterday. Very interesting, sort of a cross between SS and antique brass. Might look good with these yellow-y off whites.

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Skuba, decorators often don't try to choose everything for matching whites, a difficult to sometimes impossible task. Instead, they bring in more whites for a more complex, and usually more satisfying, look than one white all over would give. Shadow lines also contribute more shades of white, as do other types of "texture." If you use national light, your whites will change throughout the day (often ruining attempts at "perfect" matches). Will there be any other whites in other surfaces you've chosen or brought in? In your counter or backsplash for instance? Curtains, dishtowels, picture matting, decorative creamware?

Also, that picture is under Best Buy lights, not your own. Would the difference appear as strong at home?

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Rosie, those whites would look off under most lights. It's better to avoid I think.


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I have 15 year old white cabinets with new white appliances. I am picky about colors and I think they look fine. I did not go with ss because I did not want the appliances visually sticking out.

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Sophie Wheeler

White and off white can co-exist just fine. THe trick is to use many different shades and textures so it looks deliberate. And it's much more interesting than having giant swaths of the same color. It has more life.

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I think Stainless Steel would look better. Please post pictures when you are done your kitchen.

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I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love different shades of white together. I have off white cabs and bright white appliances. I haven't regretted it, and yet I know some would prefer stainless to this look so it's a matter of opinion.

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