Vent hood baffle or mesh? Which one is better?

Holly- KayMay 6, 2013

I emailed the appliance dealer and told him not to order the low end Zephyr because it only has 290CFM. I think it may have been Williamsem who said a higher one would be better as I can use a higher CFM on a lower setting to keep it from being too noisy. In researching I am running into both mesh filters and baffle filters. Are the baffle filters noise deadening or is it simply another means of filtering? I need to order my hood soon! Please weigh in on the matter!!! TYIA.

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Baffles filters are better at capturing grease and much easier to clean - you can throw them in the DW. Go with baffles.

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Holly- Kay

Ty Weissman! That definitely is a good point for baffle style. I was leaning that way but just wasn't sure. I have researched venting but I still have a lot to learn!

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I have baffles and I love them. Much easier to clean.

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Eureka. I am going to go with a model that has baffles. I listed three for my appliance dealer. The Broan sounds like a great deal but the Zephyr Power Tempest is on my short list too.

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Baffle filters are not noise deadening.
They are just a different type of filter.
Nothing against baffle filters, but good quality mesh filters can just as easily be run through the dishwasher.

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Francoise, I wondered if that was the case.

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