Which option is best?

nyrgirl35May 3, 2014

So I am trying to get as many drawers into my bases as I can like all of you have suggested.

The current drawing on my range side has:
To right of range
- 21" 3 drawer stack
- 9" tray divider

To left of range
- 9" tray divider
- 30" 3 drawer stack 1 drawer will be a *warming drawer*
- 39" standard cabinet

The option I came up with:
To right of range
-30" 3 drawer stack

To left of range
- 30" 3 drawer stack w/ 1 drawer the WD
- 12" standard cabinet
- 36" 3 stack drawers

So should I get rid of the 2 9" tray dividers in favor of larger drawers?

I'm open to any other options, I'm not good at this!
Also my corner cabinet in peninsula is 36" and will have a 15" or 18" prep sink do I need it to be 36" is that a wasteful cabinet size? The reason I ask is because next to the 36" corner cabinet is 24" fridge drawers which only leaves me with room for a 12" cabinet on the end.

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Yes, get rid of the 9" tray dividers.I think that you would be happier with the larger drawers instead of them.

I had one kd put three 9" tray dividers of them in my small layout and another kd put four of them.

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the smallest lower cab i have is 18" and i wouldn't want anything much smaller. i like your second options better

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I know the 12" cabinet is probably a waste but I was trying to get a 36" drawer in this space so that's all I could come up with.

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I'm not sure of the placement, but maybe the 12" would be good as tray storage?

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all of my baking trays are in two shallow 30" drawers under my built in oven.

I agree with what you want on the right - converting 9+21 to 30" drawers.

On the left you have 30+12+36=78, I would do 24+24+30 all drawers in whatever order you like, maybe the 30 right next to the stove for symmetry.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much those wide drawers will hold, I get much more out of my space with drawers as opposed to shelves, and nothing gets 'lost.'

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detroit_burb Would you mind giving a depth for your shallow drawers and say a little more about what you store and how? (I'm going through the same set of questions right now).

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I'd use the 12" for tray storage. I like your new plan.

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I like your new plan too with 30" on each side of range for symmetry. On the left side, the 12" cabinet between the two drawer stacks might look odd.
Could you move the 12" cabinet to the other end so it is:
30" drawer stack
36" drawer stack
12" cabinet (verticle tray storage as sjhockeyfan suggested)
30" drawer stack
24" drawer stack
24" drawer stack (as detroit burb suggested)

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I'm with romy. I'd do the 12" if you need tray storage, otherwise the 2x24" stacks. (Coming from someone whose planning on renovating but has not lived with any drawers or pullouts except for the one 4 drawer stack standard from the build)

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Or what about leaving it the way it is but changing the 39" cabinet for 36" drawers (what can be done with 3" of space?)
I'm not sure about the look of all those drawers together though? This coming from someone who never had base drawers before, other then the top drawer!

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sure, my kitchen is very large, L shape with an island. The L is 244" x 168" and the island is 42" x 108". There are #3 30" glass uppers for display items, and uppers over the "tall cabinets." but no other uppers. 3 drawer banks are about 6" 12" 12", and four drawer banks are about 6" 6" 6" 12". Usable height differs, these are the drawer fronts.

The L:
30" with three drawers - desk items, art items - this was meant to be landing for mail, and such. There is a 30" display glass cabinet above - some small silver collectibles and religious items used less than once a week like menorah, honey jar for rosh hashana, and items for shabbat like candlesticks.

The tall bank:
15" pantry with pullout - we don't do costco - so didn't need massive pantry, above pantry is cook books.
36" fridge - above fridge is cereal and a box of treats - misc small candy items
30" oven/micro. two shallow drawers about 5" deep each under these for all baking trays, pizza stone, broiling tray, ginger bread house mold. Above this is rarely used large items like a round cake taker tupperwear.

Cooking run:
24" lower with three drawers - some pots and pans, top drawer is empty.
36" cooktop with two deep drawers - some corning baking dishes - mostly empty
36" with three drawers - top is spices on one side, and cutlerly - formal, on the other side (it is very wide) middle is measuring cups and spoons, mortar and pestle, apple corer, zyliss cheese grater, tall spices to refill the cute small bottles. Bottom is more pots/pans - we have double stuff when we married we combined.
Cleanup Run:
37" corner with lazy susan. Kids lunch boxes, a small cooler for park picnics, kids thermoses, cutting board stands up on the side, other stuff I rarely use - I just keep the kids stuff on the top shelf just behind that awkward door.
24" three drawers, top has all the wraps - foil, baggies, cellophane, and the blades to the Cuisinart are in the back. Middle and bottom have all sizes and shapes of plastic food storage containers.
36" sink - cleanup sink. garbage below.
24" dishwasher
12" cabinet - was supposed to be recycle pullout but kids use it for a club house, especially fun for hanging with light up toys - empty
30" three drawer - top has coffee mugs, middle has coffee, tea, and hot drink carafes for the car, and paper cups with lids for coffee to go, bottom drawer has old set of melmac dishes from my childhood. Coffee machine used to be on this counter, but I moved it to the corner. There is a glass display above this for glass and crystal display and wine glasses, etc.
30" three drawer - top has crystal serving - like a footed 14" cake plate that doesnt fit in the wall cabinet, middle and bottom have about 40 wine glasses in their boxes, and other such rarely used party service - I want to get rid of most of this. There is a 30" glass display above for similar rarely used gift-ware stuff and vases, etc.

starting across from pantry (these all open to the fridge/pantry wall):
24" three drawer holds all paper items, plastic cutlery, and place-mats, the place-mats are in the top drawer.
36" sink. Second garbage and recycling below - this is the prep sink.
24" three drawer - towels in top drawer, tablecloths in middle drawer - I never use these anymore, Cuisinart, and imperia pasta maker in lowest drawer - NOTE - The Cuisinart blades are not kept in this drawer because I have little kids.
(these next two open to the sink/dishwasher wall and hold most often used items)
24" three drawer - holds everyday cutlery, and a full set of dishes in the middle, some odds and ends in the lower drawer - rare usage
25" four drawer - Kids' bank. top drawer has sippy tops, second drawer has kids' cutlery, third drawer has kids plastic plates/bowls, fourth has kids cups of all types.

There is one lone cabinet with four drawer on the opposite end of the island that holds odds and ends, not kitchen related.

I know this is confusing to read, but I hope it helps. I have much more storage than needed, and have many duplicate items.

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I have a 12" 4 drawer stack that I use as follows:
Top: oddball kitchen utensils
Two middle ones: kitchen towels and oven mitts
Bottom: was my Tupperware drawer but since my grand babies would get in there anyway I know dedicate it to small books, toys, surprises for when they come over.

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I'm waiting to hear back from my cabinet people but I did this on an app!

Does it look too much like a bedroom dresser or am I just not use to drawers? Do you think the two set of drawers in a row is too much? When you first walk into my kitchen this is the view you will see!


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if it does look like a dresser, then so does my whole kitchen. You won't really care what it looks like when you are able to get at your stuff easily.

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Using a single wide pull rather than two smaller pulls may make them look less like dressers. Just a thought if that is bugging you.

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Detroit burb, you are absolutely right! I'm just not use to them and I feel like from pictures I've seen I see a lot of drawers in more modern kitchens not traditional like mine will be, especially side by side like that!

OOTM Mom I was actually thinking the same thing!

I have to decide if I want those 9" tray pull outs flanking the stove? I do like how they look on either side!!
Regardless I will have a 30" & 36" drawers to left of stove. Where it will make a difference is on the right it will either be: 30" drawers or 21" drawers with the 9" pullout
I also have 27" drawers, ( 2 )36" super Susan's, a 15" cabinet prob for trash, and (2) 36" sink cabinets and bunch of wall cabinets and (2) 21" tall pantries

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Finally found a picture seems like the exact plan I have just not sure of their drawer sizes but they also have 9" tray dividers flanking the stove. I will also have dark stained cabinets not this dark but still a dark stain
I Love it!! How about you guys?

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