pros and cons of sink in corner

mamy001May 17, 2009

I have been debating about whether or not to put my kitchen sink into the corner. One concern is where the dishwasher would go so that I dont trip over it. Another concern is the large amount of counter space that will be located BEHIND the sink. On the plus side, design wise, it belongs there. Any other option looks unbalanced. It would also place the sink facing a wall (the windows are in the corner.) Does anyone have any opinions on this? Does anyone have any pictures of the sink placed in a corner?

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I don't really see any negatives, at least in the way it worked out for us.

Here's our corner sink.

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We have a corner sink now and are moving it with our remodel. It's not terrible and if I didn't have another option, it wouldn't be the end of the world to keep it there, but the big drawback for me is that you can't have more than one person doing the dishes. My set up is a lot like the previous poster with my dishwasher just to the left of me. When I'm by myself it's fine, but I'm looking forward to having someone next to me drying or helping to load the dishwasher. :)

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Here are some threads discussing corner sinks:

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Marandall's Corner Sink Construction Slideshow: [

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GWers with Corner Sink: IglooChic, Marandall, Tiskers

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My old kitchen had a corner sink. My new kitchen doesn't! I had more space behind my corner sink than the one pictured above, but I couldn't reach it (5' short). The cabinet also takes up a lot of space that isn't really useful in my opinion.

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Fori is not pleased

I did it and put a glass-fronted cabinet above it for displaying stuff so it didn't feel claustrophobic. It was perfectly nice, but at 5'1", I didn't use the space behind it either. I had a custom sink and it took advantage of the extra deep cabinet. (And then I had to go get a new faucet because I needed one that had an extra extra extra long spout because I ended up getting a sore back reaching far to get to the water. Still worth it.)

There was about a 24" drawer bank between the DW and sink and it worked well. It was dish drawers which made it less of a squeeze than a full door DW would. Just do a mockup before you decide on positioning and be sure to have the open DW door included.

It also left my window (where the sink had previously been) over open counter, and I really liked having a bit of counter with nothing over it. Didn't worry about coffee maker steam hitting cabinets, or climbing over the sink to open the was just nicer to work without a cabinet in my face, and I guess most of my kitchen work isn't actually AT the sink.

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It is hard to clean behind a corner sink when you're height challenged ;-) as chachashea posted (I'm 5' 3 1/2") but I still love my corner sink. It gives me wide views into my garden where I spend much of my time and energy. I get such joy looking out upon my garden and spotting the wildlife that flits into view. Had my sink been further down the counter, I might have been able to move the cooktop from island to perimeter counter. But would I give up my corner sink to gain that. Not a chance! I put a large glazed pot behind the sink. Even when empty, it's gorgeous but it doesn't take away from the view.

I'm confused by your post, though. Will your sink be in the corner with the windows or in a corner facing the wall? If you're facing the wall, then my reasons won't apply to your situation.

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The corner is not necessarily wasted space...this is what I did w/my corner prep sink base:

Under the prep sink (36" corner sink base):

(The iTouchless trash can shown is no longer under the prep sink since when the cabinet door closed the top popped up. It's now in the PR.)

Closeup of how the cutting boards are stored:

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thanks so much for your comments. Lisa, my sink WILL be in a corner looking out of 2 windows (which form the corner). To all, I am definately not height challenged at 5'9". Your comments have helped me feel more comfortable with my decision to place the sink in the corner. I love the idea of mapping the area on the floor with newspaper, etc and will definately do that. I am new to this site and LOVE it! It is helpful to be able to get so many opinions. I think my friends are tired of my banterings.

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I LOVE my corner sink! It adds such a nice *interest* to the room, and is soooo wonderfully functional.
Beuhl linked to my finished kitchen thread in her post above; there's lots of pictures there. (Thanks, Beuhl!)
Here's a couple now, though:

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Not intending to bump, I just wanted to give those who attempted to link to Marandall's sink slide show the new link to her pictures.

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