Best width for pot drawers?

artemis78May 17, 2010

We're switching to drawers for pots and pans for the first time, and I'm trying to figure out sizing on these. For those who use drawers for pots, wondered if people could share what widths they have, and how they find the sizing has worked out. We have a typical set of cookware plus a few cast iron skillets and a dutch oven. If necessary, some of this can probably hang, but ideally it all goes in a drawer.

We have roughly 84" to work with, though it would be good to come in a little under that (frees up space near a doorway). We want to include:

- 36" for a range in the middle

- two drawer banks flanking the range

Collectively, these drawers need to store pots, pans, lids, cooking utensils, linens (cloth napkins and kitchen towels), wraps (foil, saran, etc.), and "junk."

I'd originally put in a 27" three-drawer bank for pots on one side and then an 18" four-drawer bank for everything else on the other, but it looks a little off-center. I can go to 30"/18" so that it's so much off-center that it looks more intentional, or I can go to 24"/24" to balance it....but then it seems like the deep drawers may not be wide enough for their purpose, and the shallow drawers may be *too* wide for theirs.

Any thoughts?? Thanks so much!

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Best width for pot drawers? As wide as possible!

Mine are 48" wide and about 20"-21" front to back (there's a ventilation area behind. The top drawer is very shallow (1.5" deep) due to the cooktop, and holds griddles, spatter screens and the like, and some utensils like stirrers and wooden spoons. The two lower drawers are interior 9" deep and 11" deep. I have another set of drawers about 36" wide on the L of the same counter that holds baking pans.

I have the same depth drawers all around, and have some stacks inside. That worked better for what I have than four drawers, though seeing how things fit, it would almost work to have two shallow drawers on top, and two deeper drawers on the bottom, and spread the baking dishes in the shallow drawers, but some of my pots are too big.

My drawers were custom, though, and made to my exact specifications. The pot drawers have extra heavy glides and strong bottoms to hold call my cast iron.

So, back to what I said before: Best width is as wide as possible. Wider drawers allow you to turn the handles and whatever and fit more in.

That's a lot to fit into two drawer banks! Maybe you should make mockups out of cardboard cartons and make sure all your stuff fits. I have a lot of stuff, but I have 5 drawers with knives and utensils in them. I could probably get everything into three, but that's including the largest two drawers. And two 48" wide drawers full of pots. If I were you, I'd do the 30" bank for the pots.

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Thanks! Yes, it will definitely be a tight fit, and we may need to add a pot rack to the mix, but will decide on that after everything's in. We have another 36" deep drawer bank for baking dishes that may be able to take spillover, though, and more importantly, nowhere to add any more cabinets. *sigh* So, we'll figure it out one way or another. I think we'll store big stockpots (canners, brewing, etc.) in the garage since they're too tall anyway.

I thought about doing two three-drawer stacks since it does look better, but was concerned that for wraps and junk, deeper wasn't necessarily such a hot idea. Linens can go either way---they're in narrow deep drawers now and we like that fine.

That's an interesting note on the baking dishes, though. We're planning a 36" deep drawer stack (two shallow side by side over two wide deep) right now, and I assumed we'd stack the dishes inside...but maybe shallower drawers would make more sense. I'll have to play with it and see!

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I think I'd do a 27" and a 21" - 2 shallow drawers at the top of the 27" and 2 @ the top of the 36" one you plan. then you can divide the 'junk' from the wrap, the linens etc. You might be able to put 2 at the top of the 21" also. If you're doing frameless you'll have more room in them than in framed. or you could put a divider in it for split use.

you could put the least used pots/pans in the bottom drawer. that way you'd have 2 @ 30" right next to the stove for them.

you could put a divider in one (or 2) for the lids like so:

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When I was in the planning stages I taped out fake drawers with the sizes I was thinking of, and then put my pots/pans inside that area.

I arranged and rearranged until I figured out what size and pan arrangement would work -- my drawers are 27.5 wide and 8 5/8 high -- I'm able to get all my pots and pans in 2 of the drawers without much trouble. I have 2 sets with a total of 22 pieces, plus some odd steamers and double boiler that I kept from my old set. Here's the smaller pans and skillets:

My 2 stock pots and 2 large skillets fit easily into another identical drawer.

I did what others suggested -- make mock ups and figure out what works best for you, depending on the pans you have!

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My two pots/pans drawers are 33" wide, but the inside of the drawer measures 28". It works fine for me.

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I'm going to have four 30'' drawers...two 13 1/2'' deep and two 11'' deep. I'm also going to have a divider for lids like Steph, but my lids will be in the rear of the drawer as I use them less frequently.

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