Peke - your dog faucet....

1929SpanishMay 16, 2014

We're finally getting around to doing our backyard over two years after our remodel and installing a vintage laundry sink outside using the water and drainage from when the laundry was in the garage.

Where did you find your dog faucet and how do you like it? How long is the hose? Do you use it for anything besides the pup?


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As the woman who put in a motion sensor faucet for her cats, I need to know about this dog faucet.
Can't leave them out!

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I forgot to add Peke's photo....

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Bump so Peke might see this.....

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Bump again. I need one of those!

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Try Chicago Faucets.

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I am sorry! I haven't had time to check posts.

T&S Brass # B-0176. Deck mounted. They also have B-0175 which is a wall mount.

The hose is 9 Ft. They also have a 12 Ft hose but didn't have the same combination.

Cheapest price was from Culinary Depot. $382.69.

Make sure you read about the different models. Pressure is different. You do not want a high pressure for washing dogs. I also didn't want high flow.

The sprayer heads are different too. Mine is angled and some of are straight. They also have a sprayer that is called a pet sprayer, but it had a coiled hose.

Look at T&S Brass website.

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