Sealer to help with marble etching on the horizon??

Denise TokarzMay 13, 2013

Since there are so many people on here in the stone business, I thought I'd throw this out there. I was recently in at a major tile /stone distributor's place and was lamenting about marble etching... I told the tile sales gal, "certainly, SOMEONE must be able to come up with a sealer that can stop a chemical reaction and prevent marble from etching!" To which she replied, "it's in the last stages of patent.... I'd expect to see something in a month or two" -- and that was about 3 weeks ago.

Has anyone heard of anything like this coming up or is this still a pipe dream? I would think she knows something about what she's talking about, but it was news to me. Curious to hear opinions. I REALLY need to pick something for my kitchen, just going around and around, nothing out there that I "LOVE" but marble is definitely in the running, as is soapstone or a combination of the two. Preventing etching would definitley up the marble's chances! Thanks...

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pipe dream - sort of.

I'm sure something could be developed, but it will likely be a topical application which has it's own drawbacks. Having a film sitting on top of the marble will change the look for sure.

You could always cover the tops in a thin layer of clear epoxy and keep etching at bay.

If you cannot live with the "character" etched marble tops develop , then it's not really the material choice for you.

Last stages of patent is still a long way from product on the shelves in the marketplace. Your tops will be etched long before you can buy the stuff to paint on your tops. That's even if it works.

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Yes there are some topical coatings that can be used on marble to end the etching and staining issue.
There are only a few available and they all have pros and cons. They arent for everyone and they are pricey.
The coatings will scratch as they are about as hard as a med hard marble(we could say average marble I think)
They will need professional maintenance from time to time.
Vitremela is being produced by dry-treat corp and should be ready for the market soon. It is very thin and cured with a uv light. The coating can be polished or honed onsite using abrasives and abrasive polishing compounds.
The other product is clearstoneusa which you can google.
We have been working with clearstone and find that it has its place and does a good job. It is a new product to this market so one must consider that as well. This product and others will evolve over time.
The finishes look very good in either polished or honed and the manufacturer will waranty etching and staining for 15 years. Scratches will not be covered. If you consider the fact that you can be etch free and still enjoy your marble it is a viable option.
I tried to attach some pics but it wouldnt take them-will try again.

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srosen: How are your customers doing with clearstone? I researched this when I was on my slab hunt recently but no local fabricator had signed up yet to go through the installation training (and spend the capital on the equipment). I ended up with quart on my work counters, but have marble on the bs, a table, and a raised ledge.

(sorry to hijack the thread -- I hope my question is of general interest)

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Denise Tokarz

Thank you for the information, anything helps! Crazy as it sounds, the marble may end up on the island (with the cooktop) and soapstone on the perimeter. Both places get prep work but actually the island would get less... We seem to have a habit of prepping more on the longer countertop, as the cooktop takes up a lot of real estate on the island. Plus, we have plenty of cutting boards so I think I could handle marble on the island. The room gets a lot of light so minimizing the etching especially would be a plus. Thanks again. I need to take the plunge and just get it done, have been way too long going around in circles, as there's really no "perfect" surface- you have to pick what you could live with!

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Hello Gooster so far so good no complaints. The investment in equipment is expensive but we already had most of it so it worked out well. I dont think you need it on a raised ledge and it wont work on a vertical surface.
I think for us we are expanding our knowledge base.
I think the future will hold many advancements in the coatings sector.
While the coatings have a place in residential and commercial applications there are many homeowners and businesses that do fine with the marble(untreated) they fell in love with. Whether polished or honed it always manages to standout as a one of kind decor. With or without these type of coatings folks will place marble in their spaces for a long time to come.So yes DeDe go ahead and fall in love with a piece of stone. Just make sure you work with a great fabricator. I think you have to find a balance in a stone that can be maintained in the area you want to place it. My mom always said when looking for a home the right one finds you. Maybe it could be the same with a slab of marble-not sure!!

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