pull out faucets that work

char35May 4, 2013

We remodeled our kitchen about 1 yr. ago. Installed a Chrome Moen faucet, single handle with pull out. One year later it won't rotate unless I use two hands and the pull out is very stiff and difficult to take in and out. I installed a similar one 5 yrs. ago in white plastic ( I guess it's plastic) in my utility room and it works fine. Plumber says the kitchen one is junk and get a new one.

O.K. I've looked at Delta, Kohler and Grohe. When looking at customer comments I find similar problems with these also. How much do I have to spend to get a faucet that lasts for 10 yrs. instead of 1yr.? I've used Moen for 40 yrs. and never had problems until now. Does anyone have suggestions for one that is dependable? I was hoping to spend $200.00 or less.
Thanks for your replies!!

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Moen has lifetime guarantee, don't they? I'd call them. Their customer service is supposed to be very helpful. I know that some people have gotten replacement parts free through the mail from customer service.

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Holly- Kay

Char does it have to be a pull out or could it be a pull down. I think Chicago faucets get really good reviews though I can't remember what all they have. I believe that Ginny is correct about Moen having a life time warranty.

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We "inherited" a Price-Pfister pull-out faucet when we bought this house I 2004; we think it was installed either just before our purchase, or in 2001 with other remodeling. About 5 years ago, the spray/stream selection wasn't keeping when you turned off the water, and a crack developed in the faucet, so I called Price-Pfister about that lifetime guarantee. Sure enough, they sent me a new faucet! I chose to have a plumber install it because the cabinet access is so tight with the center stile, so I did have to pay for that. I love my Price-Pfister. If Moen has a life warranty, call them!

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Just checked with my husband, who is a plumber. He says yes, Moen will send a new faucet. Call 1-800-BUY-MOEN.

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Definitely call Moen - we have one installed in our kitchen and when I was having an issue, I called them and they were extremely helpful - sent a replacement part and walked me through what I needed to do to replace it.

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