What to do about that little space between range and counter?

garden18cMay 2, 2009


I have always looked forward to getting rid of that little space between the stove and counter - where all the little bits of food, soup, etc fall into and you never get out, unless of course if you pull the stove out to clean, which I don't do!

We had originally planned a cooktop (which would eliminate that space) for our new kitchen but have now changed to free standing range - a BlueStar. What can be done about that space? Anything to cover it like a piece of metal trim or some kind of seal?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

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Hi there - there was a good thread on this a while ago that I clipped. Some great ideas, plus check out the link to the silicone gap cover. I haven't ordered it yet but it's on my list!


Here is a link that might be useful: That Darn Crevice

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If you haven't bought your new range, look for a slide in. The top covers the gap nicely, but you need to have a counter on each side as the sides are not finished. (At least on our old range they weren't. Our new one (also a slide in) is still in the box, so I'm not sure if the sides are "finished" or not...don't think they are.)

I like slide ins for that very reason - no gaps.

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Bed, Bath & Beyond sells that gap cover. I suppose with a light colored counter top it would look fine but I have dark granite so I didn't buy it.

I'm going to try silicone or caulking. That's a great idea. thanks.

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Thanks elizpz for the link to previous posting.

socalusa, we haven't bought our BlueStar yet but they aren't available as a slide in range. Wish that was an option. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Not sure about the cushy cupboard thing- not sure how that would look especially after it gets dirty itself. Anyone who has this want to chime in on how it looks?

Also we'll have a dark counter, soapstone , and would want it to match better. Maybe silicone and reseal it occassionally. Or just live with it? It may be one of those things that there is no real solution.

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I was at a Viking showroom a few months back and they had a stainless steel trim piece that was supposed to fill that space. I don't know if it would be compatible with a Blue Star or any other brand ranges.

I did't look too closely at it, but put it on the end of my list of things to look into since we are going with a freestanding range as well. If you can't find it let me know and I can look in the Viking catalog when I get home.

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Have you had your counters templated yet? If not, you can get quite a tight fit between the range and counter particularly if you have the range in place when they do the template. That's what was done in my case. Can crumbs fall through? - probably, but it's such a small gap that I don't care - I'll worry about it years down the road when I have to replace the range :-)

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To combat that darn crevice problem, I plan on using the gap cover strips while I am cooking, then when cleaning up the kitchen I'll give em a quick swipe and put them away in a drawer. They are not the most attractive of things to have out.

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Hi Jaty, Thanks for the suggestion on the ss trim piece. I looked on the Viking website and did not find anything like that. Maybe it was not a Viking product? If you have chance I would appreciate any more information that you have about it.

weissman, No counters haven't been templated yet. Don't even have the cabinets ordered yet! I will be sure to have them make a tight fit. Thanks.

quelyn, temporary use of the cover strips is a good idea too - especially when we really get cookin'!

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Sorry for the delay in responding garden18c. Here is the page I scanned from the Viking Shopper's Guide, but unfortunately it doesn't give a part number. It's called "Countertop Side Trim".

The place I saw it is called Sues, Young & Brown, in Baldwin Park, CA (626) 338-3800.

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FOUND a solution. Thin spacer bars available in white, black, stainless or almond. Mine arrived today and they are easy to install and look like it is a part of the stove. Ours is a slip in stove and there was a gap between the stove top and the counters (Wider on the left than the right). I inserted the supplied tape on the left side but since it was a smaller opening on the right I could not use the tape. Find the pieces here -- company was easy to deal with, responded to email questions quickly. I would use them again!!

Here is a link that might be useful: HomeFixItParts.com

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