Unlaquered brass cab hardware-y or n?

heidiaMay 18, 2013

Is there a really good reason to not get unlaquered brass cab pulls and knobs? I embrace a deeper patina, and I also like how it looks before the patina develops...My only worry is that I read it may stain clothes or hands...wouldn't that mean it would rub off on my cabs too? Or is that bad info? I guess what I am asking is...what is the real con to having unlaquered brass cabinet hardware? thx!

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An aspect of unlacquered brass is that it will retain a relatively bright brass finish on the parts that are touched all the time, and turn dark brown on the parts that are not.
This will not look as even as intentionally darkened and highlighted "antique brass".

So the knobs in my 1830 building look like satin brass but the sideplates or escutcheons may be uniformly dark with no highlight.

Knobs should not stain your clothes, but I had an unlacquered brass bed for many years and the blankets did stain a light green where they repeatedly rubbed the frame (it washes out).

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Thank you Palimpset! :) Good thing to consider about the uneven aging...hmmmm..def something to think about there...

which leads me to a follow up Q...

what if I like how they look when they arrive or shortly after a slight patina develops? To keep them from developing more of a patina, how would I clean them/what would I use *while they are still attached to cabs*?

All the polishing/cleaning insx talk about removing them. I would not want to do that...I would want to use something to continuous upkeep but I want to make sure it would not stain my cabinet finish or strip the paint off of cabinets...that sort of thing...anyone? :)

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Hi! We are in the same dilemma. The hardware rep was trying to talk us out of unlacquered brass because of the very patina we like. I am also looking for cleaning/ polishing advice. Anyone????

Our other alternative would be a lacquered satin or brushed brass that has the warm appearance of polished unlacquered brass without ever turning or developing a patina.

By the way! It's hard to find unlacquered brass hardware!

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I love unlaquered brass. The knobs on our stove were patina-ed in no time. I've not noticed any staining, but then I don't rub on the knobs. And I've not noticed any uneven tarnishing either, or rather yes it's uneven, but even the parts rarely touched are tarnished too, either from air or perhaps the heat.

I don't polish them, just clean. But my former Marine DH is telling me Brasso does a good job polishing brass.

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