Critique my IKEA kitchen plan!

signet77May 25, 2013

Edited 5/26 AM to change DW position to end and show full size of room and eat in kitchen area. Hopefully we can find a way to cover the DW with an IKEA panel.

Hi there. First post; long time reader.

We are renovating our newly bought home and have done an IKEA kitchen plan. We feel pretty good about it but we know there may be areas to improve.

My wife is the cook and she cooks basically every night. She does a lot of baking as well as needs space for baking prep and a large Kitchenaid mixer.

We have three kids ages 8, 6, and 2.

The room is 13' 9" by 11' 7". To the south of where we have the kitchen design end is actually open for another 10 feet or so with an eat in kitchen feel and a big bank of windows.

The doorway on the west wall leads to the formal dining room.

The doorway on the north wall (all 'A') is a 6x6 pantry with shelving.

The doorway on the right leads out to the living room.

The range had to be placed where it is because it was the only area where an externally vented range hood would be possible and this is essential for us.

Everything is within a pretty typical work triangle range I believe. The cabinets over on the sink side countertop will be placed a bit higher than they are in the design now, but you get the idea.

The thought with this plan was to create a separate snack/beverage area on the back refrigerator wall that was out of the work triangle, since most of the traffic in this room is going to be from the right side living room to the fridge. Groceries also come in from that side and garbage goes out through there.. Very little traffic will come from the left side since that is the formal dining.

Feedback is appreciated.

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It looks like you have a nice snack/beverage/breakfast zone with the fridge/MW. There's a lot of counter space in the other parts of the kitchen, but not where it would be most useful to you.

Can you add exact measurements or repost to scale on graph paper? I'm sure GW can give you a bunch of suggestions to consider. Take a look at the stickied thread at the top so you can provide the info needed to get meaningful feedback.

How exciting to be starting with a new house to make your own!

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I had two quick thoughts:

1. If you're not already using the 39" upper cabinets, it looks like you have room to and gain more storage.

2. I notice that you have mainly cupboards for lower storage. Have you thought about whether that works better for your needs than more drawer stacks or pull-outs?

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Our ikea adel white kitchen is currently sitting in hundreds of boxes in the garage. It's exciting!

The first thing I see is that you need a counter on both sides of the sink. I would move the sink down to have that counter space. Also I would get all or almost all drawers for the lower cabs.

I'm sure others will have more ideas to contribute! Have fun!

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I love my ikea kitchen

I echo what the others have said in regards to having more lower drawers vs doors. It has made a tremendous difference in the functionality of my kitchen.

I also think that dead space to the right of the sink is a bid odd... both aesthetically and functionally. I would extend that cabinet run and add either a corner or blind corner cabinet.

Lots of luck on your reno, and update us with progress. I love to see all the different ways people transform their space with ikea.

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Ditto ditto! I love my Adel White Ikea kitchen. I put in drawers where ever I could in my small U-shaped kitchen. Drawers instead of cabinets - it's the best thing since sliced bread. That, and my tall pantry with pull out shelves. Backsplash going in soon, and then I will post pics.


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I updated my post with the cabinets on the other side of the sink which I had forgotten to add plus some more info on our intended use for the kitchen. I agree with the sink needing countertop on both sides, but if I move the DW over to the right of the sink, now I have to deal with exposed sides of the DW. So not as many options...will have to think about that one.

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How about this? The dishwasher moved to the left of the sink may work...but will the arc of opening clear the cabinet pull? Looks like it...what do you guys think?

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Would the dishwasher work better to the right of the sink?

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With 3 small kids I think you should re-think about having a walkway in front of the range. If you can move a little bit to the south eating area you can have a corner cab next to range then a narrow cab, sink, DW (and maybe another narrow cab (or panel??) to hide the side of DW + shallower cabs on the east wall).

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Ikea has panels -used for ends of peninsula and various other applications.when you say "deal with exposed side of dishwasher"......there's a way to do it with panels. Have you been to IKEA

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Why is that location the only place to vent for the stove? Looks like you have an exterior wall on the other side where the window is, or is that not true? I wouldn't like having the stove in the walk way.

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To answer a couple of the last posters, thanks for the good feedback.

I updated the above planning photos to move the DW to the right of the sink. If we can cover it with an IKEA Adel panel, that would be perfect.

The wall with the range is the only one with an exterior wall. All of the others are interior. And it is a two story home so there is no easy way to duct the hood out other than being on that wall.

I agree it's not ideal having the range there in the walkway, and we have agonized a bit on that, but my wife really likes it set up that way rather than with the L on the other side.

I am not sure if the cab to the immediate left of the sink will have room to swing open well enough. We will definitely consider more drawers rather than doors; that is a great idea.

Keep em coming!

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Whether the dishwasher door clears the pull depends on the pull, and if your family is good about closing drawers ALL the way. I know this from personal experience.

Regardless of where you put the dishwasher, how will you access the lower cabinet in that corner? Or is it dead space?

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I can't tell how much room you have in each area. I think prep space on the peninsula, near the range, would be much more useful, especially if it will be extra deep as you have it pictured. Is there any way you can scoot the peninsula down a little into the eating area and consider a smaller sink base to get the sink on the wall to the right? If you can get enough room to put the DW on the end there, then the sink base, then you would need a small spacer before the corner for clearance, I believe, maybe 2-3 inches?

That gives room on either side of the sink for cleanup, leaves a large continuous space between the sink and range for prep (which is where you would want prep space), and the DW at the end would allow easy storage of dishes in the snack area if needed.

You could then put a mixer lift in the peninsula for easy access, a trash pull out if desired, and a set of drawers for baking/prep tools.

That should work if you can scoot the peninsula down a little, though without measurements it's hard to account that accurately for your inches.

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Do I understand this right?

Top opening is to a pantry
Bottom is open to eat in area.
Right opening is to the living room.

Which one is to the dining - is that to the left?

Have you considered moving the entrance to the kitchen from the eating area from the left side to the right side. Sorry don't know how the house flows so not sure if it even would make sense, but it would remove the walkway with everybody walking past the stove and having to be careful with pots of hot water that needs to make it to the sink.

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If the ceilings are really as high as they look on that plan, would it be possible to run a duct to the spot where you can vent to the exterior, along the wall in a soffit or short cabinets just for the purpose of hiding the duct? I agree that venting is necessary, but more flexibility in where you put the range would be great. I would not like mine in the position where you currently have it. We have a somewhat similar layout, and have our fridge in that area.

I can't tell if the cabinet in the corner where the sink and other wall of cabinets meets is one of Ikea's corner cabinets with lazy susan-type options. If not, I would encourage you to consider those. Especially if the dishwasher is not going to be in that corner, you might be able to fit the 37" cabinet which extends about 12.5" on each wall and provides quite a large amount of storage space. We have that one with the lazy susan and really love it. Or, if behind the sink is the other side of the peninsula, you could put a full-depth cabinet facing out that way. We have that in the corner of my peninsula and have been happy with that as well.

How wide is the walkway between the end of the peninsula and the cabinets on the wall with the range? It looks kind of narrow to me in the picture. One of the motivations for my renovation was a too-narrow walkway in exactly that spot, so I would be cautious about that.

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I have updated the original post with more clarification photos. There is just no room on the right side wall for the sink or DW.

Here is the whole room with eat in kitchen area included for flow and scale:

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I'd change your design: turn the table the other way-and push it a little closer to windows on the left side[away from living room]...shave a few inches off cabinet to the left of range if so desired.....the range could actually move a bit one way or the other...and aim for one longer counter on one side of range,as mentionned. Forget the L entirely, containing sink/dishwasher/etc.
With table moved over somewhat, do an island down the floorspace with sink ,dishwasher and storage behind it if you don't care about stools.The island can easily be 36-45 inches deep with ample walkways. Coming in from living room from two different passages, stools and general congregating on this island would be a boost to your kitchen.

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even greater enhancement would be widening the[ lower ]living room to kitchen passage-

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You mean like this?

The problems are

1) if we put storage behind the island, the aisle is only 32" even without the overhang of the countertop

2) Since the trash pullout would need to be to the right of the sink, we would have to store silverware on the other side of the island so it becomes a chore to empty the DW.

Seems like the L design gives us more for the space.

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No-eliminate all cabs on wall between living room openings.Island moves over to the right as you have space now,AND lengthen island down into former dining table area a bit as you will clear the corner of table nicely. You can run the island down even furthur if you turn the table the other way or get a round table.

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Well,I messed around with that and came up with this:

Eliminating all of the right side cabinets would mean a whole wall of lost storage, but elongating the island sort of closes off the table for through traffic.

The L shape still looks best at this point.

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how much storage do you think you'd lose if you have 12 in deep tall vertical storage on the right wall and cabinetry across back and on one side of sink of island and NO corners anywhere.

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Why not attach the L to the stove side? And do the walk through on the side with the living room. Seems like that would remove a lot of walk through traffic from the cooking zone. Of course I can't tell from dimensions how well that would work.

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