Enhancing and sealing tile?

MizLizzieMay 28, 2013

So, my backsplash will go in next week most likely. Very nervous. My field tile is Rixi. But within it I am using 4 little rows of mosaic accent tile which is made up of red-brown glass and bits of marble. I really want the veins to pop and the marble to darken. Based on all the good archive advice here, I've decided to enhance it piece by piece before it goes up. Tedious, but my tile guy didn't seem to want to do it, and said it would get grease all over the glass tiles.

Whatever. So I am going to just pull up to my workbench and use little brushes or Q-tips to enhance just the marble bits. It's only 10 sq. ft, and less than 35% are stone. So, manageable. My question is, will the 511 seal it at the same time? Or will the tile guy still need to do that?

And is this a crazy idea? The folks at Best Tile were wetting it to show me the look the enhancer would give me, and it really matched my Cambria dead-on when it was wet. Only so-so when dry. I don't care whether it is glossy or not; just want the darkening effect. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Try the 511 on one piece of tile to see if you get the visual effect that you want. Don't be surprised if it is not quite as striking as wetting it with water.

Sealing the marble bits will have no effect on setting the tile. Marble should normally be pre-sealed before installation. But do try to keep the sealant off of the back of the tile as much as possible.

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Thanks a bunch, OTC. I will do it on newspaper and be super careful. If it helps darken it even a little, it will be worth it to me.

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Just want to thank Old Time Carpenter and others here for all the good info on tile enhancing. I did mine by hand with a little paint brush, and using DuPont, which was all I could find locally. WOW. I cannot tell you what a difference it made in terms of depth and richness on the natural stone. It was so worth the effort.

Again, this group of folks is invaluable. Time and again, I have been saved from making mistakes or not doing the right thing.

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