Bostonians...need your 'secret rolodex'

navi_jenMay 23, 2013

Bostonians (aka fsteph, Marcolo, bostonpam, sharonite, chiefy76, beachpea3, oldbat2be, mjocean)

I have just started started on my big, likely 2 or 3 phased project for my tiny little 1928 farmhouse in the near NW 'burbs (inside Rt. 128)....just signed a letter of intent for my architect's first phase (existing layout). I hope the project phases will be thus:

#1. Kitchen/Bath renovation, replacing of heating & plumbing
#2. Add 2 story addition off the side, including (hopefully) a garage, family room, 1/2 bath down and master bedroom upstairs.

If you guys have recommendations for any tradesmen, provider, retail outlet, architectural salvage store, dog walker (just kidding), surveyer, landscape designer, or whatever....could you post it here or PM me? I've only been in the house 2 years, and I'll be honest, I haven't had the best of luck with A rated Angie's list contractors.

I love my electrician and may have found a floor guy (who is very expensive) but other than that, I need any and all help you are willing to provide. I even wouldn't mind any old house architect recommendations, just in case my guy doesn't cut it.

Thanks, nervous Jen

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Hi Jen,

I'm in Acton, so a little further out than you.. My kitchen remodel is being done by a fantastic KD and her husband is the GC, they are in Littleton, not sure if I can post names here so I will PM you.
Also have a good plumber to suggest. It's really hard to find reliable people!


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Hi Navi,
My kitchen project is in Edgartown so I can't be much help with trades people. However, I do highly recommend Faneuil Kitchen Cabinets if you are planning custom cabinets. They do beautiful work and are a pleasure to work with at every step of the process. Their phone # is (781) 740-8844. You my want to try reaching out to Soibean, I think she lives closer to you and was very happy with her GC.
Best of luck with your project.

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