Allen + Roth quartz countertops from Lowes?

vishgMay 1, 2013


These are Lowes branded series of quatrz countertops from Sage Surfaces. Would love to hear any opinion/experience you may have with these. Everyone reiterates that quality wise all brands are same. I went to a Lowes that had a sale on Allen Roth that dropped the price to about $52. Compare this to Cambria that I can't seem to find less than $100. Even allowing for cost implications of color/pattern mix, the difference in price is quite puzzling for items that are inherently of similar quality...


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Hi Visgh - we put A&R/Lowes quartz in last fall and LOVE them! We searched around and even the guy at the local lumber yard told us the quality was the same. The big box stores buy so much of it nationally, that they can afford to offer such a good deal. Very overwhelming isn't it? Let me know what you decide. Good luck!

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Dont forget to try and use a 10% movers coupon and possibly 5% for a lowes credit card.

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I tried to use a 10% movers coupon for counters, but was told that it was not applicable to that. I could use it on carpet (but not the installation) but the counters were apparently a different deal with an outside vendor. Even the A&R brand.

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When the Allen +Roth quartz countertops first came out, I called the national rep for Sage Surfaces to ask questions. I asked who manufactured the countertops. They would not say specifically, but did admit that they were made by one of the big quartz players - either CaesarStone or Silestone. I had samples from both manufacturers on hand and ordered samples from Sage Surfaces/ Allen + Roth. In comparing the samples, it's quite clear the A+R quartz countertops are manufactured by Silestone. CaesarStone's samples are much thicker and the Silestone samples matched exactly in terms of size and thickness to the A+R, as if they came from the same factory. Thus in my opinion, when you buy Allen + Roth quartz, you are buying Silestone at a discounted price.

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Be sure to add in any "extra" charges for sink cutouts edging etc. With granite I found HD and Lowes to be more expensive due to extra charges. The SF price was lower than the the other granite yard but once you added in the extra charges it was more.

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I wasn't impressed by Lowes or HD. By the time I factored in the price for cut outs, etc., they wound up being more expensive than my local stone yard. And at the stone yard, I have a much wider selection than I would ever find at the big box stores.

The same is true for the big box bathroom countertops, incidentally. And - I can get a nice wooden counter top for the bathroom for less than I would pay at the stone yard or the big box store. Of course, wood - in this case black walnut - isn't for everyone, but it will be unique and should hold up well.

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No, the Allen And Roth counters are NOT Silestone, which is manufactured in Spain. A&R is made in Korea.

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