Grohe Minta / Hansgrohe Axor?

schicksalMay 31, 2014

I was wondering if anyone had experience with either Grohe Minta (non-electronic) or Hansgrohe Axor faucets? The models I'm looking at have roughly the same cost and appearance and I was curious about how well the finish holds up, durability and what bits are plastic they may have that should be made from something else.

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I am not famalier with those two particular models, but I owned several Grohe faucets, they are very good!

I believe Grohe use all metal parts, while Kohler sometime use some plastic parts. However, for residential normal use, both would suffice. For heavy residential use or commercial use, all metal parts probably will be better.

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Cool, thanks. At work we have a TON of Grohe faucets and mechanically they seem to be holding up well, however the cleaners the janitors use around the countertop are bad for their finish. I doubt that home use would cause the chrome to turn dull, and we don't have hard water or the need to use strong chemicals.

Dunno about Axor kitchen faucets; I've used their shower hardware and found it to be awesome though but that was only for a week or two while on vacation. It also has the whole 'not what it's in the breakroom at work' thing going for it.

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I have both a Grohe kitchen faucet and an Hansgrohe Axor Stark bathroom faucet. They are both wonderful products that were installed five years ago. The finish has held up beautifully.

I am specifying a Grohe MintaTouch in my parents' house because I am so happy with mine.

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I also have had houses full of both Grohe and Hansgrohe (previous home and current home) and I have never had any problem with them holding up either functionally, or with respect to their finishes. I do recall (I think) we needed to replace a thermostat in one shower valve.

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Kathy Harrington

Just ordered the hansgrohe talis c in chrome and the Axor Montreux in polished nickle. Am a little concerned with the upkeep on the finishes, but I really didn't like the brush nickle. Will report back in a few months when they are in.

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I am a rep for Grohe faucets in NY, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. As far as durability goes the grohe product is superb. I'm not saying that because i rep for them, but because before I became a rep I was a showroom salesperson and sold it. they offer a lifetime warrantee on all of their products. just make sure you keep the receipt and if you buy it on line make sure it is from an authorized Grohe e-tailer. As for cleaning it do not use any abrasive cleaners IE: soft soap,comet,etc. Dish soap and warm water is fine. hope the info helps.

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Well it's a little late because I went with Grohe :)

Easy install though. It only took me 15 minutes.

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We have Grohe both in our kitchen and bathrooms for over 5 years and they are excellent quality. Axor is the high end line from Hansgrohe - again great quality. You won't go wrong with either choice.

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We installed the Hansgrohe Axor Montreaux in chrome in our bathroom and love it! It is my favorite thing in our house. It is heavy - no plastic parts at all. As for cleaning, a microfiber cloth shines it beautifully!

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