Pls help me with this cabinet run

marcia59May 10, 2013

I have a 78" wide base cabinet run that will have the cook top. The KD has, quite reasonably, centered the 30" cook top in the middle of the length of counter. Underneath it, she's put a 30" drawer stack, which seems sensible. To the left of that stack, there's a 24" drawer stack. To the right of the 30" stack, there's a 12" cabinet and then 12" that's half of a corner cabinet.

(I'd post a picture if I could figure out how to post part of a PDF.)

I'm having trouble warming up to the idea of the 12" cabinet. Her first suggestion was a pull out for spices. I don't want to have to bend down there to find my spices. Then she offered several alternatives: pull out for oil (eh, roughly as inconvenient as the spices and I think I'll have plenty of pantry room), drawers (seems awfully narrow and not very useful, as they'll only be 9" wide inside) or trays (best of the suggestion, I think, but I'm not enthused. I looked at how much space I'm using for that sort of thing now and it seems kind of cramped).

I suggested that instead of a 12" cab and a corner cab, We do a 24" drawer stack and, on the perpendicular run, a blind corner with an appropriate insert. She doesn't think that's as useful as the smaller cab with the corner cab. It's been an email exchange, so I haven't had a chance to ask her for specifics on why.

I'm bothered by her 24"-30"-12" arrangement both because I'm not crazy about the utility of the 12" and because the whole thing lacks symmetry (which I realize may sometimes need to give way to function).

One thought I had, which solves the utility problem and goes part way maybe towards solving the symmetry problem is doing 2 33" drawer stacks, which would meet in the middle of the cook top. Will that look weird?

Any other thoughts?

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What about using the 12" for cookie sheets and cutting boards?

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